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Stainless Steel Condiment Caddies for Cups, Lids, Napkins, and Sugar Packets

Condiment Organizers and Caddies Made of Stainless Steel

Do you want to give your food and beverage stations an accessibility upgrade? Our stainless steel condiment caddies feature modern finishes and convenient designs. Each silver finish tabletop organizer can hold stacks of cups, lids, straws, coffee stirrers, napkins, sweeteners, and creamers in their numerous compartments. The stainless steel condiment caddies are made to fit a wide variety of food and beverage additives and accessories in different sized slots. This style of drinkware and napkin dispenser is excellent for restaurants, caf├ęs, and office break rooms where the sleek, simple style will fit right in. Choose stainless steel condiment caddies to get your customers and employees what they need quickly.

What types of accessories can these metal tabletop dispensers hold?
  • These stainless steel condiment caddies are great for holding stacks of cups and lids. Busy cafeterias and break rooms are ideal places for these drinkware dispensers.
  • The steel condiment caddies are available with the perfect sized compartments for stacks of napkins. These slots have an open side that makes them easier to grab.
  • Steel condiment caddies can dispense straws with deep pockets that make them stand upright. Attract attention to your complimentary coffee stirrers by having them stick out to customers.
  • Our metal condiment caddies feature deep pockets to hold large quantities of sweeteners and ketchup packets. Whether you're doling out sugar, mustard, stevia, mayonnaise, or hot sauce, it will be a while before you have to restock!

Choose the type of condiment caddy that best fits your needs. For example, we have configurations that only have pockets for cups and lids, while others have everything but. However, all of these models are made for stationary use on tabletops. Looking for more versatile food service options? Our metal wire coffee station dispensers are great for restaurants with their open, portable design. Choose Displays2go.com for thousands of great tools for your business!

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