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Retail Wire Floor Stands Come With Bins, Trays, and Baskets

When it makes sense to bring merchandise in from the walls and out to the forefront, free-standing fixtures are the way to go. Our collection of retail wire floor stands offers flexible display options for every application. Fabricated from steel, these metal store fixtures are designed for commercial use with longevity in mind. The baker's racks feature rolling casters, enabling easy mobility from stocking in the back room to selling out on the sales floor. The adjustable shelves attach in tilted positions for better presentation of baked goods, wine, or other merchandise. These retail wire floor stands also come with sign headers for customization with some models featuring side baskets for stocking even more product. Dump bins are characterized by large wire-frame baskets or compartments, suitable for bulky merchandise and hard-to-stock items. Shoppers love to browse through these open containers, typically filled with stuffed animals, balls, and toys. Wire dump bins also make excellent places to move old stock or clearance items. Floor spinners are another type of retail stand that entices shoppers. The majority feature pockets for greeting cards and postcards, however there are a number of styles with baskets and hooks for bulk smalls and blister packs. The main feature of these commercial floor racks is their free-standing design, allowing people to encircle them for an easier and more enjoyable shopping experience. It's all about getting your merchandise out in front of the customer. Even the way these racks and stands are placed in your store's layout can affect sales in a positive way. Remember to use strategic placement when deciding on a location. Depending on what type of merchandise it is will tell you how close to display at the entrance to your store or the alongside the checkout lines as an "impulse buy" fixture.

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