Displays2go Greenprint Facilities Fixtures - Sustainable Event Management

When it comes to sustainable event management, it's essential to use eco-friendly products that don't compromise your guest's safety or comfort. With Displays2go's GreenPrint facilities selection, you don't have to worry about sacrificing efficiency or quality. Our collection of sustainable event management products deliver quite the bang for your buck. With eco-friendly resources like queue control, bollards, sanitation tools, queue management, and crowd control, it's easy to put together a facilities equipment plan for a memorable, environmentally-friendly event. There's no longer any need to sacrifice the safety and security of your attendees at the altar of sustainability - our offerings make it easier than ever to get the best of both worlds.

Eco-Friendly Benefits of GreenPrint Facilities and Event Management Supplies:

  • Sanitization stations, which make it easy to keep things clean and secure with minimal environmental impact
  • Queue management tools, which are designed to minimize crowd congestion and stay green
  • Reusable hand sanitizers, which keep your guests safe and help cut down on environmental waste
  • Sleek and lightweight crowd control solutions, featuring recycled materials and low-impact structures
  • Light-up stanchions and queue control ensure that customers don’t miss a thing and enhance safety and functionality of your stanchions
    • At Displays2go, we aim to provide our customers with the best in eco-friendly facilities supplies. With GreenPrint facilities and sustainable event management, you never have to choose between quality and sustainability ever again. Get great, sustainable products in no time with Displays2go, and rest assured that your event is planned with sustainability in mind.

      Learn more about our Greenprint badge and the making of sustainable displays at Displays2go.

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