Multi-Pocket Letter Sorter

Letter Sorter for Organization and Management

Mail, both incoming and outgoing, is endless in the business world, and can become a serious challenge to organize without a letter sorter that's substantial enough for the needs of your mail volume. Offices that require hard copies of documents rely on these multi-section boxes to effectively streamline their inflow and outflow of personalized forms, contracts and letters. The individual compartments can be used to either section-off territory for different personnel, or they can organize mail by department or other categories. Secretaries and managers alike love using letter sorters to avoid building a mountain of mail and streamline the process by which mail is delivered to a central location first, then distributed to a web of departments. Administrative offices of all kinds not only use these tabletop sorters for mail, but also to organize any documentation or internal newsletters. They can even be used by retail stores to hold local papers and local publications for distribution.

To determine the right letter sorter for you, ask yourself what material is aesthetically appropriate for your office. An oak letter sorter with a laminate finish complements any office design, and is a mainstay in mailrooms and public administrative offices. It can also look good in the home, perhaps in the living room or the study. Next, determine how many pockets you will need. If you're segmenting mail for an office with a sizeable number of employees, ensure that there is adequate room for the existing employees as well as placeholder compartments for potential ones. More than one letter holder can be purchased at a time and they are easily placed sidy by side. If the letter sorter will be used to organize your house mail, perhaps you only need a 12 section tabletop organizer. No matter which letter holder you choose, it will substantially improve your organizational and administrative efficiencies, so what are you waiting for? Browse our selection today!

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