Press Conference Backdrops

Use a Press Conference Backdrop for Interviews and Speeches

Displays2go is giving you an all access pass to the best press conference backdrop selection you'll find on the web. Who uses these media background displays? Sports teams, universities, comic book conventions, companies releasing a hot new product...the list goes on and on. A bright, vibrant press conference backdrop enhances the professionalism of the media event and promotes the institution, sponsors or specific product lines the conference is affiliated with. Without a press conference backdrop, the cameras are left pointing to a bland curtain or wall, or perhaps a distracting background with moving people. Who wants to watch the star athlete talk about his or her gametime strategy in front of anything besides a custom press conference backdrop with the team logo on it?

These press conference backdrops come in a variety of sizes and styles, and each have their own unique features. Choose from single backdrops that are up to 10 feet wide, to an assortment of banners and panels that are over 20 feet wide together! Many of these vinyl backdrops even include halogen spotlights for extra control of the lighting. The stretchy, flame retardant fabric has fade-resistant printing with a high resolution that will look great on camera. One advantage of these backdrops is that they are designed with portability in mind, and often include carrying cases, wheels and everything else you need for a painless setup and breakdown. Set your new conference backdrop up on stage, on the red carpet or in the pressroom with ease!

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