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Save Desk Space with Office Printer Stands

Whether you are outfitting your office or home workspace, printer stands always serve as valuable space-saving and organizational tools! In many cases, there might not be enough room on your desk to fit a full-sized printer. You might want to raise it off the table to make room for storage below. Perhaps you want to store your printer under your desk, but don’t want to leave it sitting on the floor. Or, your ink-jet may be shared by multiple coworkers so it needs to be in a common place. In public environments, like schools and libraries, printer stands are placed in an open location for all users to access with ease. Maybe your office uses multiple devices throughout the day, like fax machines and scanners, that would benefit from all being kept in one place. There are many reasons why choosing one of these printer stands for your office machinery is the right move for you. Luckily, you’ve come to Displays2go, where the selection of these tables, carts & risers is unbeatable!

Rolling printer stands are popular choice for offices, schools, and larger work areas. Perfect for wireless digital printers, these carts can move from room to room as needed! Locking casters allow the unit to be fixed in place when in use. But a fixture that’s rolling AND height adjustable is even better! Choose a printer stand that's at an appropriate level for you to operate without strain on your lower back. Ergonomically speaking, the tabletop of the unit should sit at around elbow level as your stand before it. That’s a recipe for always-comfortable printing and copying.

Often, busy offices go through a lot of paper and toner, so a printer stand with included storage for those items can be an added bonus. Use these compartments to store those big stacks of paper that are too often just placed on the floor or under a table. Smaller drawers and spaces can be used to hold ink cartridges. Many utility tables even feature locking cabinets that are great for securing expensive ink in school computer labs, libraries, and other public facilities. Delving into the world of 3D printing? Use a locking storage cabinet to keep your expensive device secure between uses.

We stock tables, risers, and stands to fit most printer makes and models. Whether you have a professional fax/scan/print machine, a HP color ink-jet, or just a standard black and white printer, we have the stand to accommodate it. Just measure your device and look at each product’s size specifications to make sure they’re a match! All our office furnishings are sturdy, well-made, and easy to assemble, promising to last for years to come! Stock up on these helpful products today and get printing!

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