Tabletop Prize Games with Spinning Wheels and Promotional Drop Games

Tabletop Prize Games with Adjustable Heights

Is there a way to incentivize people in a fun and energetic way? Tabletop prize games do just that for any trade show or office. There are two main methods, spinning and drop. The prize game wheel ranges from 6 to 18 wedges (pie segments) and has a red arrow that clicks going past every spoke. These clicks generate excitement and anticipation on where the arrow will land. The pie slices can vary in color (white, black, multi-color, or printable images), they can also be written-on in white-board form. In the middle of the display, there is a circle to feature a company logo or name. The tabletop drop game uses small pucks that go down the grid in a random fashion. Under each slot at the bottom, there are areas to put printable award templates. Similar to the drop game, there is a pinball version, this inputs an added feature of a spring-loaded launcher. Instead of putting a puck in yourself, there is now a shooter you cock back to sling a ball into the pinball grid. This addition makes for a more interactive office party. For both board types, there are adjustable legs allow for counter-top or standalone placement.

Best Uses of Reward Grids and Wheels
  • Trade Show Booths: No one will pass up an opportunity for free swag. Use this to your advantage and turn your kiosk into the life of the party. This will make your company relatable and bring in people who might not have given it a chance.
  • Office Incentives: Optimize productivity and increase worker morale with monthly rewards. Employees of the month can now have a fun element of chance included in their accomplishment. These options can range from bonuses to parking spots. This will help motivate people to reach new goals.
  • Classrooms or Training Centers: Positive reinforcement is a valuable tool to motivate learning. Interact more with the group of trainees/students by giving the best scorer on the quiz the ability to drop the puck down the incentive grid.
  • Fundraising Events: It can be hard to break the ice when it comes to raising money. An easy way to get people donating is by raising funds through selling tickets for a wheel spin or puck drop. This will eliminate a lot of awkwardness and make contributing fun.

These reward activities come in portable and stationary versions. The travel versions can fit inside a carry case. There is a span of wheel diameters and heights to accommodate for travel. The more common tripod support allows for height adjustment. The solid base version has sturdy footing with rubber feet for grip. For darker settings like parties and late-night events, there are LED illuminated boards. This gives a pop to the display and will catch people’s eyes from all over the event.

In large crowds it might be worth-while to use a tabletop raffle ticket stand. This allows for easy and efficient handing out of vouchers for your prize wheels. Passes can be given for organizational purposes or to charge for a spin. The “cost” of the ticket does not have to be money, it could be as simple as those who arrive early to work get one. Another example is you get a spin for putting contact information into a spreadsheet. There are many ways to incorporate these fun activities to better your business. Shop to learn more about the wide variety of incentive games designed to add fun and excitement to any promotional event!

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