Wood Multiple Business Card Holders Feature 3, 6, or 9 Individual Slots

Solid Wood Business Card Stands for Professional Firms and Agencies

Displaying your personal contact information for customers to take away is easy with a single desktop pocket. What if there are many employees working for the same company? We suggest utilizing wood multiple business card holders. Organizing many calling cards into one dedicated display projects professionalism. This is especially true in the case of companies with a large staff working under the same departmental umbrella. Place wood multiple business card holders in lobbies, waiting rooms, or reception areas. This provides convenience for clients and customers. Stop scattering desks or counters with single pockets for each card. Reach for a stand able to accommodate everyone's contact info. In addition, the sophisticated wooden construction of our multiple business card holders is ideally suited for upscale environments. Prestigious law firms, health care providers, and real estate agencies can all benefit from a more elegant presentation.

What else do these desktop calling card organizers have to offer?

  • Our wood multiple business card holders feature long-lasting, solid oak construction. Choose from three available stains: light oak, medium oak, and red mahogany.
  • The innovative design offers full views for each card, without obstruction.
  • Each slot opening is approximately 1/2" deep which can accommodate around 30 cards.
  • The multi-tiered design stacks individual cards within a small footprint. This is advantageous for areas short on space, such as on ledge top reception desks or counters.
  • The business card holders are available with 3, 6, or 9 pockets.

Most card organizers are fabricated from acrylic plastic. While affordable (especially in bulk), they don't necessarily enhance the interior decor of an upscale establishment. Wooden card displays with rich stained finishes add warmth, style, and sophistication. Displays2go provides many different ways to display information for an entire staff. Multiple wall mounted card pockets offer the greatest capacities. Featuring up to 48 individual slots, these countertop alternatives can support an entire company's cards and then some. To give you an example, take any typical real estate office. Not only would they like to display all their realtor cards, but they can also furnish the contact info for other agents they commonly do business within the real estate process. These include home inspectors, loan officers, title companies, and so on. Presenting all of that information in an organized fashion (and within easy reach) makes smart business sense!

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