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Our selection of candy store fixtures is designed to suit all your sweet shop needs! From signs on the establishment's exterior to chocolate display cases and bulk bin shelving inside, this collection of of candy shop supplies has it all. As a business owner in this field, you know that just any old displays won't work for your elegantly crafted delectables. When it comes to showcasing your store's gourmet treats, you'll want to use the best looking, food-grade dispensers, bins, canisters, and display cases. The right shelves, tables, and cash register stands are also available in our wide assortment of sweet shop displays. Let's look at the ways these retail fixtures can benefit your candy shop!

Sweet simplicity! That's what you'll get with these candy shop signs. It's simple to provide the proper signage for your customers - making it easy for them to both find your shop and the candies inside! Place a custom candy shop sign on the outside of your business to advertise the store name. Use poster frames and stands to clearly mark the entrance to the shop or to promote sales and specials to passersby. Outdoor candy store signs like chalkboard sidewalk a-frames or waterproof snap frames make it simple to change up your messages. On the inside of the business, signs also make it easy to identify the types of sweet treats available! Just because this candy shop signage makes the shopping experience simpler for your customers, it doesn't mean it has to be boring! Just fill these signs with bright and colorful posters and banners! We even offer custom printing services for items like flags, banners, and even tablecloths. It's easy to customize your signage to fit your shop's décor and brand.

Terrific treats! Display your shop's delicious candies with pride using our candy store display cases, jars, bins, and shelves! First things first, you'll need a large supply of clear jars to hold small, loose treats like jelly beans, M&M’s, Skittles, Swedish Fish, Snow Caps, Pixie Sticks, and more! Pair these bulk bins with tongs or scoops so guests can serve themselves. Next, you'll need a place to put these food-grade candy store jars. Check out our display tables, shelves, and racks that are great for just about any retail environment. Candy store display cases with glass fronts are perfect for more delicate or gourmet treats and snacks. You can also use these cases as part of your checkout counter area. Dry food dispensers are another fun option for displaying bulk or wholesale candies. Fill the multi-gallon capacity containers with your most popular types of candy so you won't have to worry about replenishing the containers as often. For a more rustic appearance, try some of our all wood fixtures. Many options come with wicker baskets or wood crates, perfect for holding wrapped taffies or caramels. We also carry a line of floor standing wooden barrels that would look great filled to the brim with delicious treats!

As you can see, candy store displays come in all shapes and sizes. Browse our selection to find the fixtures right for your shop. From modern glass cases to country-style wooden displays, these supplies are sure to work for you!

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