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window signs
Workshop Series 8.5 x 11 Window Sign Holder with Suction Cups, Double-sided - Clear
More Media Size & Orientation Options Available! $12.66 #5 Best Seller! Signage > Sign & Poster Holders

Adjustable Height Folding Tables
8.5' Folding Table, Height Adjustable - White
$151.60 #1 Best Seller! Furnishings & Decor > Tables

Rustic Crate Display with Weatherwood Stain
Tiered Wooden Display, Floor Standing, Pine Frame, 4 Bins – Weatherwood
More Color Options Available! $238.93 #1 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Product Dump Bins

display cart
Wooden Vendor Cart with 3 Shelves - Oak
$422.88 #1 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Vendor Carts

11 x 17 Silver Snap It Frame for Quick Change Graphics
11 x 17 Poster Holders for Wall or Tabletop Use, Aluminum - Silver
More Color & Media Size Options Available! $31.10

Tiered Wicker Tray Stand with Round Baskets
4 Tier Basket Stand, Sign Clips, Wicker - Black
More Number of Basket Options Available! $167.11 #4 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Woven Baskets

white pop up tents
10 x 10 Outdoor Canopy Tent with 4 Custom Imprints, Pop-up, Square - White
More Color Options Available! $929.85 #4 Best Seller! Exhibit Booths and Accessories > Tents & Canopies

2' x 4' Black Wire Grid Panel with Glossy Finish
24" x 48" Metal Gridwall Panels, Set of 2 - Black
More Color & Overall Height Options Available! $62.19 #3 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Gridwall

wood vendor cart
Wooden Vendor Cart w/ Chalkboard Header - Oak
$348.95 #2 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Vendor Carts

Wooden Flower Cart
Wooden Flower Cart w/ 30” Steel Wheels – Red Cedar
$1,348.91 #3 Best Seller! Store Merchandising > Vendor Carts

countertop wicker basket
Rectangular Woven Basket w/ Tapered Sides - Brown
More Color Options Available! $11.83

Food Trays
18"w Rectangular Plastic Tray - Clear
More Overall Width Options Available! $14.37 #5 Best Seller! Food Service > Serving Trays, Baskets & Stands

Bagel Basket with Tightly Woven Design
9.25" Round Woven Basket, Plastic - Brown
More Color Options Available! $5.36

Rubber Mats
36" x 60" Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat - Confetti Gray
More Color & Rug Size Options Available! $234.11

Bus Cart
40"w Bus Cart, 3 Shelves - Black
More Overall Width Options Available! $149.00

tiered wicker baskets
Tiered Wire Rack w/ 2 Woven Baskets - Natural
More Color Options Available! $28.57

Blue Floor Mat
3’ x 10’ Entry Mat - Blue
More Color & Rug Size Options Available! $217.66

Wall mounted designer wood lattice slatwall display
50 x 40 Wood Criss Cross Slatwall Panel – Natural
More Overall Width Options Available! $564.96

mobile cart
40" Plastic Utility Cart, 3 Trays - Gray
More Color Options Available! $136.54

Giving the plants excellent care requires a lot of small tools, fertilizers, and nursery containers. There's no better way to transport these supplies than with a plastic utility greenhouse cart. A multi-level, heavy duty service cart can stand up to harsh use and tough conditions, and has enough space to hold large potted plants or big tools but is narrow enough to fit down tight corridors between plants. Use a janitorial cart for long pruning sessions, and utilize the attached trash bag to hold the discarded stems and leaves. A convertible hand cart that can bear loads of up to 350 lbs can transport heavy pots, soil, compost, or large containers of seeds. A presentable wooden plant cart can display flowers for customers, students, or guests, and give the greenhouse an organic and rustic appearance while providing transport for 400lbs worth of plants. These nursery carts are rugged, with long-lasting frames and stable, supportive wheels. Feeding and watering the plants requires carts as well. Move from pot to pot with a plant food bin, easily scooping fertilizer from its 12 gallon tub. Also use a 60 oz watering pitcher to water those plants your irrigation system can't reach.

In all greenhouses sanitation and sterilization are very important, especially when being used for university or research purposes. A floorstanding sanitizer stand can be placed at the greenhouse entrance to avoid contamination with unwanted bacteria. Arrange a hat display near the greenhouse entrance to hold extra hats that visitors can wear before entering. Large, commercial waste receptacles are necessary in greenhouses to hold the byproducts of a large scale growing operation. Whether they are used to store excess plant matter, or to recycle seed packets, fertilizer bags, or old plastic containers, there is always a need for an industrial greenhouse waste bucket. Use either a 42 gallon recycling container, or a dual 25 gallon black square container; one basket can be used for organic waste while the other can be collect standard recyclables. A greenhouse sign and other utility signage can warn people not to enter a certain section of the greenhouse, use caution, or wear a hat and gloves. Proper communication is often the first step to a germ-free greenhouse that is ideal for the growth of healthy plants or fungi.

A variety of greenhouse shelving and racks are needed to hold and display the plants in the nursery as well as in retail areas for customers. A 4-shelf greenhouse rack with a green trim blends into any indoor growing setup, and its spruce pine construction with an oak stain adds a beautiful frame to your flower pots. Wire racks can hold flowers, produce and pots, hanging them up near the sunlight at eye-level for easy watering and visibility. Greenhouse benches can be used to line up trays or pots, or even provide additional seating within the greenhouse. Garden baskets can store produce or flowers that were recently picked, and attractively display them near the counter in the store or within the nursery itself for retail sale. Creating bouquets for Mother's Day, placing them in the baskets, then hanging the baskets on wire racks is a great way to display a special gift product. Plant barrels, whether they are whole, false-bottom or half round, are commonly used as planters and as display bins within the nursery store. Although these particular greenhouse barrels are not watertight, they can be lined with plastic sheeting or other material to prevent leaks and damage to the wood. Customers love their classic and timeless appearance next to the counter!

Take a look at the items we've selected, but don't stop there! Retailers across all industries turn to Displays2go for their displays, commercial furnishings and signage. Whether you're operating a greenhouse, nursery, or a farm with a plant shade, we're certain to have materials and supplies that can help your business succeed. Click around, see what would be useful to you, and most importantly let it grow!

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