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Use museum display supplies to design an engaging and enlightening exhibit for your guests. You'll need to protect and highlight antiques, artifacts, paintings, sculptures, fossils, among many other historical items. This selection of products will get you started with many display ideas, including museum exhibit design. Keep in mind, different types of gallery fixtures are ideal for showcasing various styles of artwork. Choosing the right furnishings to fit a collection of paintings or sculpted busts is an important part of doing the famous art justice. Users must consider lighting, security, space requirements, and visibility. For example, issues will arise if an antique vase is just too tall for its museum display stand. If an intricate piece of 18th century jewelry is showcased in a dark corner of the gallery, visitors won't be able to appreciate its beauty without proper lighting. A natural history or science museum wouldn't dare display rare dinosaur fossils in a non-locking case - not in 65 million years! As you can see, it's incredibly important museum exhibit design is appropriate for each and very exhibition.

Our most popular gallery products include our selection of museum exhibit showcases. These pedestals, cabinets, and stands are some of the most essential furnishings to the industry. To highlight one special piece, such as a vase or sculpture, purchase a pedestal design that features built in LED lights. To exhibit a related series of artifacts, try a glass top table with locking doors and tempered glass sides. For an even larger series of art, use a mirror backed standing cabinet with wide tempered glass shelves. Conveniently, most of our museum display supplies are locking and include tempered safety glass. This type of glass, if broken, is designed to shatter into small blunt pieces that are less damaging than the typicaly jagged shards of standard glass. Rest assured that with these museum quality display cases, your valued exhibits will stay protected and secure.

Beside the display of art, galleries also have a responsibility to make the building user friendly and easily navigable for visitors. Museum signage plays an important role in providing guidance to guests as they stroll through the various gallery rooms. Additionally, these signs are perfect for providing interesting tidbits and historical information about the pieces being displayed. Museum curators can use standoffs with clear acrylic panels to wall mount artist information on the wall next to paintings. Museum directors can also place a floor standing 8.5" x 11" sign holder in a hallway to indicate the direction of the natural history room or usher guests into the gift shop. Snap frames are convenient for changing posters in museum settings since exhibitions change quite frequently.

In admission ticket lines, museum operators can use the stanchions with retractable belts seen here to keep queues orderly. For a high end appearance, purchase velvet ropes for stanchion lines. To indicate entrance and exit location, custom sign tops are also available. Museum stanchions are also used to section off important relics that shouldn't be approached or touched. In an antique car museum for example, you may want to cordon off an area around a limited edition or high value model. This buffer zone will not only keep the treasured car safe, but it will also prevent visitors from getting hurt.

It is important to showcase fine art in fixtures that are specifically designed to do so in a safe and secure fashion. When directing museum visitors around the complex, be sure to employ some prominent signage in highly visible areas. These two principles are essential to the success of any museum gallery collection!

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