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While many research and scientific-based elements go into every science project, most people associate a classic tri-fold display board with science fairs. Chances are that you won't step foot into any elementary school fair across the country and NOT see one of these exhibit boards. A science fair display board is an essential supply for laying out and presenting project statistics, facts, hypotheses, and findings. These standing posters feature multiple panels that allow the display to fold for transportation or storage. We also sell science fair display boards that come equipped with hook & loop-receptive surfaces! This way, the presentation panels can be used again and again. This design is great for teachers who wish to demonstrate various layouts, or for parents of multiple children who don't want to keep buying fair panels year after year. Some science fair project display boards even come with white-board sides, others include clip-on lights! No matter the style, you're sure to wow with these scientific supplies!

Besides a science fair presentation board, if you plan to participate in a school research project, you’ll need a wide range of other displays to make the event its best. While the students may cover the individual project displays, teachers will need to worry about the bigger picture. Depending on the size of the event and the number of participants, teachers need supplies like science fair exhibits, tables, and booths. Indoor/outdoor tents provide designated areas for students’ final presentations. The pop up canopies are also essential if the science show is held outdoors, like in a field or parking lot. No one wants all that hard work to be ruined by rain! Consider what size plastic folding tables will be best for showcasing different projects, and purchase the right number. You can also pick up some other science fair furniture, including chairs. Once your table is set up, you may want to add a colorful table skirt, custom runner, or traditional tablecloth. Any of these fabric table covers are sure to make your science exhibit look its best! When planning your next event, think about any space or capacity limitations and plan your science fair supplies accordingly.

If your school really excels at fair projects, then you'll probably need a few displays to hold all your trophies and first prize ribbons! We offer a wide range of trophy display cases that feature locks and built-in LED lighting. Try one of our wall mounting shadow boxes to showcase your ribbons, certificates, and other small accolades with style! Even frame an award with one of our many picture frames specially designed for 8.5" x 11" sheets.

No matter the supplies you need, Displays2go is here to help! We hope your next event is a success!

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