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As with most businesses, a well-outfitted hatha or vinyasa practice space can start with a good selection of signage. For example, a yoga sign at the check-in desk can be used to inform students about class schedules, prices, or special workshops. Use an 8.5" x 11" acrylic frame to hold any print-out announcement you like! Other popular styles of yoga signs include poster frames used for studio decoration and custom-printed door signs used to remind waiting practitioners to be quiet when another class is in savasana. Depending on the size of your establishment, yoga studio signs are also helpful for directing students around the building to their desired classes. You don't want a beginner student to accidentally end up in a heated vinyasa class! Owners can even use yoga signage outside of their studio space. Displays like sidewalk signs are especially helpful if your studio occupies a suite in a larger facility and can let yogi’s know where to enter the building. Yoga bulletin boards are another popular form of signage used to keep the community in-the-know! Use the fixtures to post flyers and announcements with ease.

The next step in yoga studio design is to stock your space with the appropriate furniture. You'll need more than just a few mats to run the business! Reception desks are needed for checking in students, scheduling classes, accepting payments, and conducting basic office work. Some studios will even use iPad stands to check students in electronically using an app like MindBody. Once yogis are checked in, they'll need a space to put their personal items like shoes, jackets, and mat bags. Yoga studio furniture like coat racks, benches, and lockers are convenient for students to use to prepare themselves before class. However, many studios will take advantage of this area in between check-in and the start of practice to display retail items! They use shelving units to hold meditation books, mats, bags, eye pillows, bolsters, and blocks for sale. Yoga mannequins are also used to display athletic clothing available for purchase. Who doesn't love a new pair of yoga pants after all? Studios also use this area to hold rental mats. A yoga mat rack is incredibly convenient for this very purpose! Use these store fixtures to turn your studio into a one-stop-yoga-shop for your students.

Where the actual meditative magic happens, inside the actual classroom space, there are a few more yoga studio accessories that owners may wish to consider. Wire racks can be helpful to keep props like blocks and blankets organized and out of the way. Similarly, bins and baskets are perfect for holding straps or towels. While many classrooms feature wood or tile floors, yoga studio flooring made of interlocking rubber mats can offer much needed support to yogi's knees and joints throughout their practice. These rubber mats are firm enough to keep practitioners grounded and secure in their footing, but will not be so hard under their mats that they need to use blankets under their hips or knees. If your studio teaches an inversions or arm balance practice, thicker foam yoga mats are perfect for providing softer landings when students inevitably fall. I, for one, have fallen out of a hand stand on many occasions!

We hope you find everything you need for your studio on this page - but If you don't see quite what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to give us a call! Someone from our customer care team would be happy to make unique product suggestions based on your needs. Om Shanti. Peace.

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