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You have the perfect studio space. You have mirrors, boxing mannequins, punching bags, and a sick stereo system for pumping those dance-worthy tunes. But did you know there's much more to running a successful kickboxing gym or Zumba studio than that? How will you inform students about upcoming specials or workshops? Where will they leave their belongings while in a class? How will your instructors or receptionists check people in or schedule classes? This is where the business displays and fixtures from Displays2go come in. We stock a huge selection of these types of products at competitive prices so small business owners like you can find everything they need for their facilities in one place.

Among our most popular products for dance studios and fitness classes is our Zumba banner, sign and flag selection. These signage supplies are wide ranging and totally customizable. We stock sidewalk signs with custom inserts, lightweight feather flags with welcome messages, vinyl banners with grommets for easy hanging, even simple acrylic sign holders for displaying bulletins and announcements on interior walls or counters. Our Zumba sign selection even includes floor standing poster frames with snap open edges - a favorite among many businesses due to the quick-change design. Our kickboxing signs offer similar features and specifications. Like with many businesses, visibility is a key part of building a client base and these Zumba and kickboxing supplies will help with just that! You can just open a gym and expect the workout enthusiasts to flow through the doors. Advertising with these flags and banners will provide a return on investment in no time. Even try Zumba frames within your studio space to upsell class packages and other promotional offers!

Next, your fitness studio or kickboxing gym will require a selection of larger fixtures and furniture pieces, like desks and lockers. We recommend that all fitness studios purchase a reception desk for checking in students and performing standard office work. To help you pump up your branding efforts, we also offer counters with custom printed front panels. Next, browse our line of Zumba furniture, like lockers, benches and coat racks, to place in changing rooms or outside classrooms. Lockers, especially, give students peace of mind when leaving their belongings while they work out because the cubies feature locking doors. Other Zumba supplies, like shelving units and racks, give gym operators a place to store props when not in use. Owners may also wish to display merchandise that students can purchase. Zumba outfits and kickboxing accessories are always great sellers - you may just need a mannequin or two to display them!

For the interior of the studio space where the actual dance fitness or kicking and punching goes down, you may want to consider some of our padded floor mats. These foam or rubber interlocking tiles provide some cushion under students' feet as they workout. Softer flooring is much better on knees and ankles! Our kickboxing mats come in a few different colors - even foam tiles with faux wood grains on them!

So start moving, dancing, punching, and kicking - and let your worries melt into the wave of endorphins! Displays2go will help you stock your business with all the appropriate displays so YOU can concentrate on what you truly love to do!

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