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Daycare Seating – Toddler-Sized Furniture

Accessorize Preschool Classrooms With Daycare Chairs

Daycare professionals realize that space is very limited in any classroom, especially one filled with toddlers. With space being at such a premium, it’s important that any fixtures or accessories can easily be stored when not in use. That’s where these daycare chairs come in handy. Stack these chairs one on top of the other and then easily carry them to a section of the room not in use. The lightweight natural wood construction makes it easy for anyone to lift up and relocate. Being so light is also great for the kids! When it’s story time they can easily move the chair from the table to the reading circle. Kids being able to put chairs back themselves promotes the kind of good behavior you want to instill at a young age.

The natural colors are perfect for any daycare setting. Toddlers can sit comfortably in these seats anywhere. The flat back helps promote good posture with toddlers early on. Rounded edges make them completely safe and prevent any cuts or scrapes. Other great features include the vented back (reduces weight & improves comfort) and a one-piece design.

Three different sizes are available (10”, 12” & 14" seat heights) to accommodate different education levels like daycare, preschool and kindergarten. Chairs are available in both red and blue and match many of the height adjustable tables offered on this site. Our daycare chairs on sold in sets of 10 to keep costs down and save you extra money for other school supplies.

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