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Marketing Tote Bags

Marketing Tote Bags Make Great Giveaways at Company Events

Looking for a way to leave a lasting impression at your next trade show? How about a great welcoming gift for a new client or customer? A marketing tote bag makes the perfect customized item to hand out, because it will be used time and time again! With many popular grocery store chains offering discounts for environmentally conscious customers who bring their own tote bags to the register, they are becoming more common in everyday life. Reusable shoulder bags can also be used for days at the beach, visits to the farmer's market, and for general retail use. The custom printed branded logo will be seen by many pairs of eyes as your client totes it around town.

These marketing tote bags come in your choice of several colors, are double handled, and have a custom printed, personalized logo. The bottom board adds strength and support for a large selection of products. Let the artwork instructions guide you through the creation of the logo to the specifications that are accepted per our submission requirements. Make sure to fill the tote with a variety of other promotional merchandise for a grab bag giveaway that will leave your customers smiling. Read up here on some fantastic ideas for creating the perfect giveaway. Here are some great items to throw in your marketing tote bag for additional branding:

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Tumbler w/ Straw
  • Reusable Water Bottle

If you will be distributing these marketing tote bags at a trade show event, make sure to bring a portable bag stand for easy storage and accessibility. A bag stand with 3 arms can carry 33 tote bags, and is simple to quickly set up and disassemble. For smaller events, try a 2 arm holder that can hold 11 totes on each arm. Clients and customers can walk right up and take a bag, or the booth representative has easy access to them, and can distribute them once clients sign up. Purchase one with a carrying case for painless transportation to and from the convention center!

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