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Boutique Store Fixtures - Wire & Linen Dress Form Mannequins for Clothing Display

These high-end boutique store fixtures are stylish and chic retail merchandising solutions for a variety of high end or fashion forward retail establishments. One may ask, just what is a boutique store fixture? This type of retail setting display is typically seen in a small shop that specializes in gifts, fashionable clothing, accessories, jewelry, and many other items. Boutique store fixtures, also called retail displays allow businesses to present a customizable and distinctive brand to customers that one cannot find in a typical department or chain store. These merchandising tools can be decorative, modern, vintage styled, rustic, or even colorful. It is up to the business owner to create a unique and specialized boutique store fixtures space that will draw customers in and keep them shopping. Using attractive and ornamental clothing racks, shelving, mannequins, and tables presents an image to a customer that is totally exclusive and even intimate. When shopping in such a shop, one gets the feeling that the merchandise surrounding them is elite and fashionable. When customers can see that the shop they are in is like no other, they will be more likely to take a second look at items for sale, purchase them, and, most importantly, return to shop again! As a business owner, gaining a loyal customer is one of the most valuable assets one can attain. In the country’s current competitive market place, it is increasingly important for retail establishments to do whatever they can to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Why use retail displays in your business?
  • Boutique store fixtures showcase clothes such as dresses, shirts, blouses, jackets, pants and more!
  • Display accessories such as jewelry, scarves, hats, and purses
  • Entice shoppers with unique, high end tables, dress forms, and mannequins
  • Present a cohesive brand image to customers
What are the features of these clothing displays?
  • Dress forms feature a choice of size 4 or size 6 female busts
  • Wrought iron construction of bases and poles are durable and long lasting
  • Chic powder coated gray finish looks great in shops
  • Decorative bases with ornamental designs and stylish foot pedals
  • Rolling bases are convenient for changing shop fronts
  • Hanging dress forms exhibit pants
  • Mannequin forms with shelves hold folded clothes, purses, or other merchandise
boutique store fixtures

Dress forms are used by many store environments to showcase clothing and accessories. These items feature female busts that allow shoppers to see how clothes would fit a typical woman. Because these torsos come in either size 4 or size 6, typical dresses or shirts will fit them ideally. Besides showing people how merchandise looks on the body, these dress form mannequins make for an eye catching and decorative retail display. Place the stand next to clothing racks or slat wall collections to create a full and lush looking store front. Hanging forms make it easy to exhibit pants while stands with shelves around the base are great for displaying shirts or blouses.

The style of these clothing retail displays is ornamental, decorative, and attractive! Wrought iron wire stands and ornate bases feature a vintage styled appearance. Wire torsos appear antique and of a Parisian style. One might expect to see clothing forms such as these when stepping into a small French shop just off the cobblestone streets of Paris. Creating a special and luxurious shopping atmosphere contributes to a customer’s positive shopping experience. Wire retail displays include small intricacies that further contribute to this lavish atmosphere such as finials, metal swirls, adorable foot pedals and many other special details. Nesting tables for holding folded clothing and other merchandise are also equipped with these attractive features.

boutique store fixtures

The wrought iron composition of these retail fixtures is designed to lend durability and long lasting use to those who use it. White other mannequins and dress forms may be constructed of flimsy plastic, these metal items will last for a long time. Such high quality merchandise displays serve as a long lasting investment for any small business because they will not require replacing. This material is finished with a chic powder coated gray. This color is ideal for corresponding with many shop environments, allowing the merchandise the unit holds to stand out against the neutral gray. Additionally, each of these dress forms comes with different styles of bases. While some bases are decorative and include fancy foot pedals, some are equipped with casters for mobility! If a shop owner wishes to rearrange clothing collections or the storefront layout, they can do it easily and conveniently just by rolling the dressmakers forms to a new location. One model includes a base outfitted with shelves that sit under the wire female torso. These shelves are completely adjustable and hold folded clothes, accessories, purses, shoes, and more! These shelves create an impressive display that is eye catching in a variety of retail environments!

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