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Lead Boxes

Lead Boxes for Contests & Promotions

Lead boxes have the power to pull in customers’ interest, info, and contact details like none other! By advertising a contest or promotion, marketers can generate and collect valuable customer leads right in these simple cardboard containers. For example, a business owner might advertise a drawing for a free product or service and use a lead box to collect ballots that include customers’ names, email addresses, and other valuable information. What is spent to conduct the raffle and provide a prize is nothing compared to the many valuable leads your box will generate! Use this customer information to send direct mail, marketing emails, or even make sales calls! The bottom line is that lead boxes generate business.

Place a lead box on a store counter, in a busy mall hallway, on a reception desk, or any other high traffic location to start generating business right away! Available models feature headers the hold signs or graphics to advertise your promotion. Many prefer to use cardboard lead boxes because they are inexpensive, lightweight, and extremely portable! These promotional tools are so inexpensive in fact, that choosing options that include custom printing will hardly break the bank. Your next contest or fundraising effort is sure to be a success with the help of these small, but mighty marketing tools!

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