Male Mannequins for Retail Merchandising

Male Mannequins & Dress Forms for Men's Clothing

Effectively advertising men's apparel is much easier for clothing stores when they use male mannequins. The lifelike forms add a realistic appearance to dress pants, suit jackets, T-shirts, footwear, and even accessories like hats. That way customers are able to get a better idea of how the articles will look when worn. Our male figures come in abstract designs as well as pinnable dress forms. We also carry torso hangers that can be used with a variety of clothing racks and wall displays. Perhaps our most popular male mannequins are the realistic designs, which offer flesh tone finish, painted facial features, and even molded hair in some cases. The soft, organic look of the male forms are great for showcasing the latest fashion trends on showroom floors or in storefront windows. Several different poses, from standing to sitting, are available. Take a look at all the male clothing models to find the one that will enhance your apparel shop!

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