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Customer Review for RSO1185H

4 / 5
Looks Great
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Would have given it a 5 star if it would have come with a template as to where to drill the holes. Because of the way it is made there is not a lot of room for error as to where you drill the holes. I read the other reviews about scratches and the 4 that I bought did not have any. There is 2 layers of wrapping. The outer layer is made to just hold the 2 pieces together, Then there is a film on BOTH sides of each pane. When I first looked at them I thought they were all scratched up as well, but once I finally pulled the film off...not a single scratch.

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Dale, thank you so much for taking the time to write this great review! Our acrylic sign holders are now packaged with a film on each side to protect the plates from damage during shipping and handling. We appreciate your feedback regarding the assembly - a template for drilling holes may help in make mounting this unit easier. We'll forward your feedback along to our product development team! Thank you again!

Posted 4 years ago by Displays2go

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