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Hospital Office Signs and Supplies to Improve the Patient, Visitor, and Staff Experience

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Shop fixtures, displays, and furnishings for your patient and staff areas.

Hospital office signs and supplies can often be a lost link in supply chain purchasing programs. However, these simple facility accessories represent a number of different areas that are actually revenue-generating, and therefore of key importance to the bottom line of medical institutions. In addition, public-facing office signs and supplies in hospital environments represent more than mere décor choices and can significantly impact customer satisfaction. Staff-facing signage, on the other hand, is of vital importance to maintaining strong employee communication programs. With the medical industry becoming increasingly regulated, institutional-grade hospital office signs and supplies such as HIPAA-compliant file storage for PHI materials and ADA-compliant fixtures have become a necessity. In a complicated and increasingly crowded healthcare marketplace, items that increase both patient and employee satisfaction are an important success factor for any institution in the healthcare sphere.

How can administrative products help create successful office outcomes for institutional medical environments?

  • Hospital waiting room furnishings are the first point of contact for patients and visitors. Reception areas need to create a calming environment, but also to clearly and efficiently communicate important information. Digital signage screens and mounts, in conjunction with traditional hanging banners, frames, and even artwork, help ensure that visitors to the facility have a positive experience.
  • Administrative offices and nurse stations are the workhorses of the medical world. These areas face unique challenges of requiring easy accessibility while maintaining confidentiality for PHI and other regulated information, all while keeping workspaces organized and sanitary. Mobile workstations and screen mounts as well as digital charging stations allow staff to keep up with increasingly digital procedures for maximum efficiency. High visibility hospital signage and literature displays aid staff, patients, and visitors by providing clear wayfinding and information in public areas, as well as facilitating internal employee communication in lounges and offices.
  • Hospital gift shops are an often-overlooked source of institutional revenue. More than simply retail stores, these high traffic locations have all the merchandising display needs of a department store, with the spatial constraints of a specialty boutique. Sturdy, yet stylish fixtures need to offer visibility and accessibility for merchandise at all price points, from open-access clothing and snack racks to display cases and counters for high-ticket or breakable items. Combination displays, such as glass-front register stands, help maximize space without reducing the customers’ ability to see items available for purchase.

Hospitals must by their very nature address the needs of multiple audiences. First and foremost, they must serve the needs of patients requiring medical assistance, care, and comfort in a safe and sanitary environment. In addition, internal employees and staff need open communication channels for information and guidance, and accessible workspaces that meet regulatory requirements. Visitor needs must also be accommodated, creating a need for clear wayfinding signage as well as public-facing reception and waiting areas. Displays2go understands that meeting such diverse needs can be a daunting challenge to traditional medical supply chain vendors, and so we have created a curated selection designed to assist medical purchasing in finding the right fixtures, displays, and accessories to meet specific institutional and facility needs.

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