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Healthcare Marketing - Staff and Customer Communication Tools, Advertising Fixtures, and Furnishings for Large Facilities, Small Practices, and Manufacturers

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Displays2go understands how healthcare industry marketing differs from traditional marketing, as well as the ways in which they are similar. We specialize in providing you with materials, supplies, and displays that will help your business achieve goals for both day to day activities and targeted campaigns. We understand the difficulties that can arise from addressing multiple audiences and provide solutions that help you effectively communicate with both internal staff and external customers/patients.

Healthcare marketing is part administrative operations, part advertising, and part community outreach. The diverse nature means that medical industry personnel at all levels are responsible in some way, for all or some of the many different aspects. Unlike “standard” campaigns and initiatives that are primarily straightforward and sales-driven, most healthcare marketing activities are tangential. Every public-facing position in a medical environment carries some responsibility for customer service and public relations. Materials of all types, from brochures, flyers, and pamphlets to social media posts, need to communicate brand values and messaging as well as important informational content.

Most people are not in the healthcare industry for the money. However, no matter where you are in the business food chain, at some point costs and budgets and financial goals will need to be taken into account. In addition, the healthcare industry is subject to the same concerns as other businesses: competition in a tight market, offering value to customers, reducing costs and friction, and promoting services to the public. All this on top of offering top quality medical care, from direct care facilities to preventive medicine to related industries like insurers, medical software companies, therapy providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturing operations.

On top of that, actual healthcare marketing employees work in a truly omnichannel environment that is changing all the time. Office design and branding, digital transformation, online and offline advertising, promotional materials, trade shows and outreach events are all part of the mix. Newer initiatives such as the trend toward digital transformation mean that things like developing video-based promotions, advertising programs, and patient portal app development need to be considered and addressed in addition to traditional website content strategies. Stakeholders, from board-level appointees to internal employees and third-party vendors, all need to be informed and engaged with organizational culture and internal communications. And at the forefront, the ultimate focus needs to always be on the customers — patients and their families — with the goal of not merely acquiring and retaining them but most importantly of educating, informing, and helping them, all within a highly-regulated industry.

Medical industry marketing is more than simply promoting a business. Our mission is to partner with you, from providing wholesale pricing to help meet budgets to offering products that are HIPPA and ADA compliant with regulations. Our expertise helps healthcare businesses navigate the logistics of traveling to trade shows in addition to providing consistent brand imaging and messaging. If your goals include finding the most effective ways of acquiring and interacting with your customers and potential customers, Displays2go not only “gets it,” but we are here to help you every step of the way.

So how can we help you create, execute, and achieve your healthcare marketing initiatives?

  • Brand and value proposition promotion
    • Branded displays and personalized fixtures
    • Custom printed indoor/outdoor posters & banners
    • Holders for preprinted literature and graphics
  • Health communication messaging
    • Public facing messaging displays for acquisition and retention — patient/customer
    • Internal communications for employee awareness and engagement
    • Outside event materials for both internal and patient oriented events
  • Furnishings and displays
    • Wayfinding
    • Literature and signage displays
    • Digital signage
    • Day-to-day operational fixtures
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