Social Distancing Signs and Supplies with Customization Options

Social distancing signs and supplies for retail and essential businesses
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Acrylic Sneeze Guards to Protect Essential Workers

Acrylic countertop cashier shield with 0.25 inch thickness $230.27
Countertop Sneeze Shield, Acrylic, Three Panels - Clear
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Hanging acrylic sneeze shield with 0.08 inch acrylic $77.65
Sneeze Shield, Hanging or Countertop, Acrylic, Single Panel - Clear
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Clear hanging PVC sneeze guards for business reopening

Hanging Clear PVC Sneeze Guards with Snap Rails

AuraAware motion-sensor warning device for safe social distancing

Aura Aware Safe Distance Motion-Sensor Warning Device

Stock Printed Floor Decals to Enforce Social Distancing Guidelines

Pre printed social distancing floor decal $47.68
24 x 24 Pre-Printed Floor Decal for Crowd Control, Please Stay 6 FT Apart - Yellow
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Pre-printed removable 4" x 24" bilingual "Please Stand Here" floor decal $27.92
4 x 24 Pre-Printed Floor Decal for Crowd Control, Please Stand Here, Bilingual - Blue
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Directional floor arrows with adhesive backing $46.31
24 x 18 Pre-Printed Floor Decal with Arrows, ONE WAY ENTER HERE - Yellow
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Vinyl floor decal for safe distance for outdoor and indoor surfaces $44.95
4 x 24 Pre-Printed Floor Decal for Crowd Control, Please Stand Here - Blue
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Acrylic and Aluminum Sneeze Shields to Facilitate In-Person Business

Clear mobile room divider with acrylic and aluminum build $498.70
29.5 x 78.8 Floor Standing Sneeze Shield, Locking Wheels, Acrylic & Aluminum - Clear
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Portable acrylic sneeze guard with clear 0.15" thick panel $422.39
Floor Standing Sneeze Shield w/ Counter & Slot, Wheels - Clear
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Countertop reception safety shield with durable clear acrylic and aluminum build $258.88
37.4 x 47.3 Countertop Mount Sneeze Shield, Acrylic & Aluminum - Clear
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Countertop acrylic hygiene shield with curved design $344.72
Countertop Sneeze Shield w/ Transaction Slot, Acrylic & Aluminum - Clear
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24 x 16 clear acrylic cubicle panel extender $151.23
24 x 16 Write-On Acrylic Cubicle Panel Extender with 2 Brackets, Dry Erase - Clear
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48 x 16 clear acrylic cubicle extender $224.82
48 x 16 Write On Acrylic Cubicle Panel Extender with 2 Brackets - Clear
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Hand Sanitizing Dispensers to Stop the Spread of Germs in Public Spaces

Hand sanitizer dispensers for social distancing

Antimicrobial Copper Film Prevents Germ Growth on Surfaces

Antimicrobial copper shielding covering with light brown tint and matte finish $79.02
21" x 22" Antibacterial Film with Adhesive Backing, Scratch-Resistant - Light Brown
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18 inch long copper antimicrobial protective film with scratch resistant surface $80.38
42" x 18" Antibacterial Film with Adhesive Backing, Scratch-Resistant - Light Brown
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Copper antimicrobial adhesive sheet measures 50 inches wide by 30 inches long $133.52
30" x 50" Antibacterial Film with Adhesive Backing, Scratch-Resistant - Light Brown
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Social Distancing Free Printable Signs

Acrylic PPE Dispensers to Reduce the Spread of Disease

PPE dispensers for essential businesses and healthcare workers
Acrylic 2 box glove holder with 14 inch height $44.27
Acrylic Glove Box Dispenser, Double Box, Wall Mount - Clear
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Acrylic face mask dispenser with 9 inch height $64.03
Acrylic Earloop-Style Face Mask Dispenser w/ Hinged Top - Clear
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Table and Seating Decals to Remind Visitors of Social Distancing

Yellow vinyl no seating bilingual table top sticker for safe distance in indoor and outdoor areas $113.08
14 x 14 Pre-Printed Square Decal, Bilingual Table Not Available, Pack of 10
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Black social distance table markers for outdoor and indoor tables $114.44
14” Pre-Printed Circle Decal, Table Not Available, Pack of 10
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Blue removable social distancing seat markers
8 x 10 Pre-Printed Rectangular Decal, Seat Not Available, Pack of 20
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Red do not use seating sticker with pre-printed graphic for crowd control $133.52
8" Pre-Printed Circle Decal, Seat Not Available Icon Only, Pack of 20
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Looking for more social distancing reminder decals?

Sign Holders and Frames to Inform and Assist with Social Distancing

Stanchions and Accessories to Promote Social Distancing

Social distancing stanchions and belts
Social distancing stanchion barrier with 6 foot stock message $84.47
QueuePole.Economy 41.5" Black Stanchion Post with 6.5' SOCIAL DISTANCING Printed Belt
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Social distance stanchion belt barrier for crowd control posts $29.96
6.5' QueuePole.Economy and Value Stanchion Belt w/ SOCIAL DISTANCING Message - Black
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Curbside Pickup and Mobile Order Essential Fixtures

Curbside pickup supplies and fixtures

Essential Social Distancing Signs and Health & Safety Supplies for Retail, Restaurant, and Commercial Businesses

Looking to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in a restaurant, retail store, or another commercial environment? Our curated selection of social distancing signs and supplies helps businesses of all kinds stay compliant with recommendations and regulations regarding public spaces. Clear signage helps staff and customers keep track of best practices and requirements in a fast-changing commercial landscape. The best solution is to provide informative, easy to read social distancing signs and supplies to make sure recommendations and regulations are followed at all times. Displays2go offers a wide selection of signage styles with stock messaging as well as fast customization options for branding and company-specific policy and procedure communication. Our highly visible social distancing signs and supplies are designed to help keep customers and staff as safe as possible with minimal interruption to commercial operations.

How can your business encourage – and enforce – social distancing and safe public practices?
  • Post signage encourage staff and customers to maintain safe social distance apart to minimize potential contamination.
  • Control and direct foot and car traffic to designated areas.
  • Advise customers of updates to on-site procedures and policies in real-time.
  • Post high visibility signs and safety messaging in heavy traffic areas.
  • Use indoor or outdoor pavement and floor decals to mark recommended social distance spacing.
  • Reduce access to restricted or potentially contaminated areas with barriers.

Displays2go offers business and facility signage and supplies with stock, semi-custom, and custom printed messaging to assist restaurants, retail stores, and commercial enterprises in operating safely during a difficult time. High visibility signs, stanchion lines, and floor decals can help customers understand the requirements for safe distancing in public, as well as feel assured that all possible safety precautions are being followed. Combining indoor and outdoor message displays with supplies like stanchions for queue management and access control is a great way to maintain safe business operations with minimal interruption of service.

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