STEM Furniture and Fixtures - Facilitate Learning with an Adaptable Environment

Educational Furniture for STEM Classroom Design

Want to create contemporary learning environments that benefit both students and teachers? This STEM classroom furniture is excellent for furnishing schools, colleges, libraries, and labs. These modern fixtures for education include everything from tables with write-on surfaces to device charging stations. Our STEM classroom furniture is ideal for teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics because it uses modern solutions. These educational furnishings facilitate e-learning and technology based approaches that are part of today's curriculum. Use STEM classroom furniture to present ideas, write out equations, and solve problems as a group.

What types of contemporary teaching supplies do we offer?
  • Our STEM classroom furniture includes a variety of whiteboard fixtures. Marker boards with wheels are excellent for featuring lessons and equations with their double sided designs. Our sleek wall mounted whiteboards are made of tempered glass and have large writing areas. Write-on tabletops allow students to solve problems and collaborate without any paper! The tables' dry erase whiteboard surface facilitates group exercises and lets instructors see how pupils solve problems.
  • Classroom furniture for electronic devices is integral to schools with e-learning. Our device charging carts and lockers secure laptops and tablets while keeping them powered for use. Each charger has locking doors that prevent unauthorized access while batteries are refilled. Easily move tablets and laptops from room to room or use charging lockers to keep devices close by.
  • Computer labs and the students that use them will benefit from out sit-stand risers. Our ergonomic workstations let users choose healthier standing postures in e-learning programs. Sit-stand risers boost laptops, computer monitors, and keyboards but they can adjust for use in a sitting position as well. Browse adjustable height tabletop risers, wall mounted workstations, and floor stands with wheels.
  • Our lightweight classroom furniture is excellent for setting up collaborative learning environments. This cushioned foam seating is easy to move around the room for group exercises and presentations. The upholstered seating cubes are comfortable yet their rigid construction maintains their shape for years of use. Each foam chair and footstool is covered with durable polyester that's stain resistant and fire retardant. Add custom printed slip covers to add school branding or messaging that ties it to a certain room.
  • LED pico projectors are smaller than your average presentation tool and are made for modern devices. Each device has an HDMI port for media players and most models are compatible with screen mirroring and Wi-Fi connectivity. Easily present your slideshow or video with these portable pocket projectors — and hand them off to the next teacher who needs it! These are a great alternative to the clunky mounted presentation tools of the past.

What other school and college furniture do we offer? Our LED furnishings create modern, stylish seating that both students and instructors can enjoy. Perfect for study halls and lounge areas, these illuminated seats, stools, and tables attract attention with their unique design. What better way to encourage studying and group work than with an interesting environment?

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