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Displays2go's 12 Days of Displays Savings Event 2021 is Here!

Uploaded on 29 November, 2021

Last Modified on 01 December, 2021

It's that time of year again... The elves are up to their old tricks for yet another 12 Days of Displays savings event! This year, it's back to the basics with huge daily deals on everyday business essentials like signage, site furnishings, store merchandising displays, and more! Check out the daily deals here!


Santa: All right elves.  
The twelve days of displays are upon us again.   
You know what that means?  
No horsing around.  
We need all hands on deck. 
I'm depending on you to set a good example for these two.  
And you two!  
Follow her lead.  
You understand?  
Now, let's get to work.
What are we waiting for?! 
 Move it on out!!
Elf: Pssst.. Don't miss our bonus 13th day!  
Save big on select eco-friendly displays.
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