Employee Spotlight Starring Eric Carlson

Uploaded on 13 December, 2018

Here is another one of our great employees here at Displays2go. Eric Carlson. Eric has many different roles here at the company and does them all extremely well. Lets take a closer look as he guides us through his day a little and lets us see more of his personal side as well.


"I started with Displays2go in October of 2008.  My first day was nerve-racking to say the least.  I came into a brand new job.  You don't know anybody.  You don't know exactly what to expect.  And I learned really fast this was a very, very, different environment to work in and something I was going to like a lot.  

One thing within my specific department when dealing with artwork is that you're dealing with the printers out back, you're dealing with purchasing, you're working with the customers obviously, other people in the contact center, the shippers, everybody. There's a whole collaboration involved that has to make an art product move from front to back.  From the marketing standpoint all the way into the shipping standpoint and everything in-between.  The one thing that allows me to do is work with multiple departments every single day.  What I've noticed is that everybody is just willing to do above what they're asked to do to make something happen in this place and it's refreshing to get that because you don't get that everywhere.  

This company always looks for something else.  What's next?  It's not always what's trending in 2018, it's what's going to be trending in 2023.  It's a cool thing to see new products and new product lines constantly being introduced.  

I have a 12 year old son named Nolan.  Who's an animal and art freak.  I don't know if he gets the art side from me, probably not but... he's very much into artwork, and nature, and wildlife, right up my alley so me and him do that stuff together.  

My name is Eric Carlson and I work in the Contact Center, mainly with art products."
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