Window Displays - Mannequins and Signage for Visual Merchandising

Window Displays Help Draw Customers into Your Retail Establishment

Window displays with cable display systems are tailor-made for real estate offices Since the early 1800s, shop owners have been dressing up their storefronts with visual merchandising fixtures. What are window displays? This term refers to any retail business that advertises goods or services via signage, mannequins, videos, or props of any kind. Window displays incorporate many of the aforementioned tools to garner greater interest. Creativity is encouraged when employing store design tools within this traditional form. Imaginative window displays are sure to bring in more customers, as people are drawn to the excitement! All of the lighted signs, poster kits, and mannequins form the bedrock for any installation, which helps to project the theme or essence of a collection to the public.

Who uses storefront visual merchandising displays?
  • Clothing shops and boutiques often outfit windows with their wares, incorporating mannequins wearing the latest collection, vintage favorites, or seasonal accessories.
  • Real estate agencies post property listings behind office windows to attract passersby. It is typical practice for these businesses to utilize cable display systems, which feature customizable abilities to fit virtually any size storefront.
  • Restaurants and bars employ window signs as a reminder that the establishment is open. Depending on the type of eatery, signs are capable of marketing almost anything, from musical appearances by entertainers to theme nights.
  • Many businesses will showcase a holiday motif during the appropriate seasons. Halloween and Christmas themes are some of the most popular. This practice demonstrates some light-hearted fun and may increase sales.

Another great option for displaying signage and posters in the storefront area is using poster rails. These visual tools are convenient hanging kits. Developed for signs and posters alike, each package comes with snap action rails that accommodate posters ranging in width from 18" to 72" wide. This accounts for banners that may fill the entirety of some windows. Every rail features two eyelets designed to accept standard-size "S" hooks or other affixing hardware. For those unable to hang the display from the ceiling, plastic suction cups for glass mounting are a good substitute. With deluxe, economy, and mid-range styles presently in stock, there is certainly a banner rail that will fit any budget.

Many establishments need illuminated messaging. Convenience stores and restaurants just want visual confirmation that lets customers and passersby know that their shop is open. Bright red "Open" signs with different designs and accents are available for purchase. Shops attract people off the street with the circles, lines, and waves around the text. Light boxes elevate the illumination factor by displaying marketing graphics, such as movie posters or advertisements. LED markerboards display handwritten messages in vivid color, featuring multiple hue and flashing light effects that attract the eye.

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