Height Adjustable Poster Stands with Freestanding Base & Quick Clip Framing

Adjustable Sign Stands and Poster Holders

Does your business need to incorporate advertising signage in the lobby or front foyer but have a limited amount of space? These adjustable sign stands feature a versatile design ideal for adjusting to varying heights and sight lines. Free-standing graphic frames are most commonly used to support promotional signage including posters, event schedules, and restaurant menus. Telescoping sign holders accommodate both horizontal and vertical orientation in a variety of sizes ranging from 8.5” x 11” to 22" x 28". The adjustable nature of these poster and menu enclosures similar to having multiple fixtures built into the price of one! Choose telescoping sign holders with snap-open, standoff, and hinged frames all designed to allow quick swaps of graphic content between seasonal sales or daily events. A lower level setting would be ideal for use in front of an escalator or as a welcoming display for incoming guests, while higher levels might support top-shelf items or to promote behind countertops.

How do these telescoping sign holders from other floor-standing poster displays? Adjustable Telescoping Sign Holder for Posters, Menus, and Advertisements
  • No set height for displaying a poster, menu, or custom graphic. Each frame can adjust up to five feet tall, perfect for supporting multi-level advertisements with a simple hit of the switch & pull of the pole up or down.
  • Many telescoping sign mounts have a rotating design to change the orientation of signage. Use the same floor-standing fixtures to display upright posters one week, & angled graphics the next or switch to a horizontal display for a specific timeframe.
  • Snap-open, front-loading, and hinge framing simplifies the process of updating signage, saving you valuable time. No more having to remove the backing or detach the frame from the pedestal stand or dealing with cumbersome mechanisms.
  • Each telescoping sign is available with bulk pricing to equip large-scale franchise locations, multiple retail store locations, and restaurant presentations. Choose any of these multi-height poster frames available at a fraction of the cost of our competitors to save you business money.

These telescoping sign frames are an all-in-one fixture, providing adjustable heights and orientations accessible through the flip of a switch or the loosening of a single screw. You can be sure that no matter the graphic you choose for a particular promotion, these fixtures can support it. Many customers use our sign holders with angled frames to present menus in restaurants in a way that makes it easy for new guest to browse before ordering. Others use these pedestal stands to showcase room changes, directories, and event schedules in hallways or lobbies. To insert new signage, simply flip open each of the four snap-open sides and make sure to slide artwork in underneath the included non-glare lens. While these fixtures are popular in retail and office settings, we also provide a large selection of restaurant menu stands to better present daily specials or rink options. Shop Dispalsy2go for all of your business signage needs including custom printed posters and the stands to protect them in style.

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