How to Optimize Your Store's Countertop

What Do I Put on My Store's Counter?

Posted on 19, July, 2019

Last Modified on 12, October, 2022

Retail and trade show counters are the number one spot for face-to-face customer engagement. If the surface of your counter has too much empty space, then you may be wasting valuable real estate that can be used to sell more products, advertise your brand, and make a lasting impression. How can you get the most out of this prime POS location? These 7 little things can make a big difference on your counter.

1. Signage

If a customer has made their way to your checkout station, you should always count that as a win. But, don't let the relationship end there. This moment is your opportunity to leave a lasting impression and get them to remember you. Use countertop signage to promote special offers that will keep them coming back or use advertising signage that will inspire the customer to feel something towards your brand. You can also use these signs as a call-to-action, asking customers to follow you on social media, write a review, or visit your website.

2. POP Racks

Point-of-purchase (POP) racks are a great way to push more products while customers are checking out. Use your space to offer additional products. POP racks come in many different styles and can fit a variety of merchandise. For portable counters at events, try using knockdown cardboard or acrylic with tiered shelving for small items.

3. Display Cases

Some products look even better behind glass. If you have sufficient counter space, try displaying product sets and high end merchandise neatly in a countertop display case or shadow box. These small showcases come in many different styles - from simple and portable knockdown acrylic display cubes to wooden curio cabinets and LED illuminated boxes.

4. Brochures & Flyers

Connect with your customers beyond the sale by sharing your loyalty rewards program or special offers through print marketing materials like brochures, flyers, and business cards. Sharing offers and loyalty programs in brochures allow customers to take this information without being asked, and give them something physical to remember your business.

5. Gift Card Holders

If your business sells gift cards or gift certificates, the counter may be the best place to put them on display. Prepaid cards are a popular choice for birthday and holiday presents since they're easy to find and allow the recipient to shop for their own wishlist. Gift card holders are often placed by cash registers for a quick & convenient purchase - a placement that also gives customers the gift idea for a later date.

6. iPad Kiosks

If you're a cash-only business, you're missing out on a ton of revenue. POS systems are a must for any modern business that is looking to scale. With many options out on the market, accepting credit and debit cards can be easy and affordable. CC reader compatible iPad stands let you turn your tablet into a commercial POS system instantly when you plug an accessory like Square into the AUX port.

If you're exhibiting at a trade show, you may have a different use for your tablet or iPad. Instead of processing payments, a kiosk can help you acquire new contacts by displaying an interactive lead form. For app developers, a countertop tablet display is the perfect way to have many customers demo your application.

7. Digital

Adding a digital element to your countertop is a great way to get customers engaged and deliver impactful audio & visual content. Many types of displays now can come with a digital LCD screen - from countertop signs to tiered cardboard shelving. If you have great content to share, maximize its reach with strategic placements by POS locations.

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