Digital Art Frames for NFTs

Posted on 11, October, 2022

Last Modified on 05, January, 2023

As NFTs become more mainstream, collectors and enthusiasts are looking for new ways to showcase their unique forms of digital art. NFT art displays with integrated display apps allow users to showcase the original works of art in a safe and secure manner. This article will answer some questions around what NFTs are, reasons to display them, and how the integrated technology works, making Digital NFT displays different from a standard monitor setup. Read on to learn more about what an NFT actually is, how it works, and how digital signage can benefit you as a buyer, enthusiast, or seller.

What is an NFT?

An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a unique crypto asset that exists on the blockchain and is unable to be replicated. The blockchain is a system that keeps a record of every transaction made using cryptocurrency, maintained through a decentralized network, and is unable to be altered. Most crypto tokens utilize a public blockchain, meaning anyone can access transaction records and verify authenticity. The most popular use of NFTs currently is creating and authenticating digital artwork. These digital tokens are essentially digital certificates that allow you to verify and display to others that you own a chunk of data of the blockchain, being displayed as digital art. These assets are stored in your crypto wallet, which can be software that stores your digital assets and tokens, allowing you to buy, sell, and trade NFTs and cryptocurrency. Ensuring the legitimacy of digital transactions is one of the key selling points of crypto tokens and blockchain technology.

Unlike an image online that can be copied, pasted, screenshotted, and altered, NFTs allow for users to own the rights to a specific chunk of data, represented as digital art, and for people to be able to see every transaction and movement made for that relative token. The recent NFT boom has sparked a lot of interest from investors and holders of digital art, many of whom want to showcase their prized NFTs. The question everyone seems to be asking is: “How do I display my NFTs?”

Digital Signage for NFTs

Digital NFT gallery

Digital signage made specifically for NFTs, like our 22", 32", and 43" displays use encryption to provide a safe way for artists, owners, and collectors to display their NFTs, whether in the comfort of their own home or at a gallery/showcase. Unlike a typical monitor or screen setup where the user would be displaying a copy of the NFT, digital signage with integrated software allows the user to display the original work of art as it was meant to be seen, and viewers can authenticate and verify that is the original image. Think of this similar to viewing a picture someone has taken and framed of the Mona Lisa vs. viewing the original Mona Lisa. Since the blockchain records every transaction of the digital asset, anyone can trace the movement and verify the authenticity of the art as well as the past and current owners. Think of this similar to how you can see everyone’s actions and edits across a shared google doc.

To display your NFT on digital signage with integrated NFT display apps, first, connect your digital frame to WiFi. Once connected, using the MetaMask application on your mobile device, scan the QR code on screen and sign into YBToken using the account that is storing your NFTs. You can then select which NFT you want to display, as well as other customization options such as display time, fit and fill options, create slideshows, and more. Once you select the device to cast to, your NFT should be displayed on the screen with a QR code allowing scanners to trace that exact copy back to its owner, place a bid, or learn more about the non-fungible token.

Thanks to the built-in YBToken app on our NFT displays, only authenticated NFTs that the user owns can be displayed. This ensures that no "save as" or other bootleg image files are displayed.

Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital NFT art display frames are a sleek and modern way to display artwork in art shows, museums, or at home in your own collection. When it comes to displaying NFTs, you’ll want to make sure you are doing so in a secure manner using integrated display apps that are built into our digital NFT art displays. Our NFT art displays can showcase a variety of NFTs once connected to your relative wallet, such as MetaMask.

Once casted, a QR code is displayed on the same screen as the digital art so viewers can scan it and be redirected to the location where they would be able to purchase the NFT online using whichever cryptocurrency the NFT supports, most commonly, Ethereum (or ETH). QR codes are essential in this case when selling something that doesn’t exist in a tangible form. The scannable code can lead potential buyers to a location where they can not only purchase the NFT on display, but have access to more artworks listed by that artist and gain more insight on the story, community, and network behind the NFT project.

Where Can I Use These Digital Art Frames?

Digital NFT gallery

NFT art displays can be utilized in a variety of ways, from the average NFT collector who wants to showcase their collection, to artists who want to promote their brand at shows and events, to museums and art exhibits in galleries. No matter what your need is, digital NFT displays offer a secure way to showcase your authentic artwork and verify its authenticity on the blockchain using the integrated NFT display app.

How to Set Up Our Digital NFT Art Frames

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