Portable Podiums with Collapsible, Travel-Friendly Designs

Portable Tabletop & Floor Standing Podiums w/ Collapsible Design

Are you looking for a lightweight folding pulpit to transport between classrooms lectures or trade show exhibits? Our portable podiums and collapsible lecterns are great for traveling speakers due to their compact design in transit yet stylish appearance in use. These pulpits are lightweight and travel-friendly, perfect to ensure a presentation platform is available for every event. Use our professional portable podiums to support public speaking events such as trade shows, conventions, and college seminars. Each folding lectern is a vital tool both for the traveling orator between speeches as well as the facility welcoming them. Collapsible pulpits, such as these portable podiums break down for easy storage in a supply closet, break room, office, or even car trunk.

What types of lightweight folding lecterns do we offer? Portable Podiums Fold Flat While Traveling
  • Traditional floor standing portable podiums come in a variety of wood finishes with durable MDF construction. Choose from black and mahogany stains to match the decor of any classroom or conference room. These pulpits can be used as long standing or permanent fixtures or can be easily stored when not in use. Most models include a reading platform and back-end storage.
  • Tabletop collapsible podiums are perfect for use during college lectures and are compact enough to place on trade show exhibit tables. These lightweight wood finished pulpits are travel-ready and set up in just seconds. Each includes back end storage as well as a reading lip to support presentation notes.
  • Truss-style podiums feature a stable metal legs with a folding tabletop and sleek black carrying bag for ease of transport between events. Some models even include a custom printed graphic banner to increase brand awareness and advertising potential. These models are easy to transport, pop up in seconds, and are secured by magnetic clips.

Lightweight folding rostrums are simply to set up between events and easy to carry while traveling. These lecterns are great for traveling salespeople, speakers, churches, organizations and clubs. These solid wood pulpits balance functionality and style with a variety of natural finishes. As compared to non-folding rostrums that occupy a fixed space, our collapsible podiums have a minimal footprint whilst in use or in storage. This makes these pulpits optimal for temporary or short term use. For a more permanent solution, we carry one of the largest selections of church, college, and trade show rostrums to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a lectern crafted from particular material, one with custom printed logos, or even an all-in-one sound system; Displays2go is your one stop shop.

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