Impulse Merchandising Strips - Floorstanding and Countertop Displays, Strip & Peg Clips

Impulse Merchandising Strips Entice Last-Minute Sales in Checkout Lines

A large portion of retail sales comes from items presented to customers at checkout. This clever positioning lets patrons debate grabbing a last-minute item or two, tempting them with a snack or small accessory. With impulse merchandising strips, retailers present packaged food, keychains, and other quick-adds to boost sales. We offer freestanding, countertop, hanging, and gridwall displays. Mix and match fixtures to suit situational promotional needs. Take advantage of multi-clamp or rotating options and top-mounted sign holders

Clamp strips for retail stores What different options are available for point-of-sale impulse merchandising strips?
  • Floor standing spinner racks offer different displaying options:
    • Circular Racks w/ Attachable Clips (sold separately)
    • Metal Peg Hooks
    • Clip Clamps
  • Countertop merchandising racks to place directly next to the cash register with:
    • Metal Rounded Hooks w/ Upward Angle
    • Double Sided Peg Hooks
    • 2 or 4-Sided Clip Clamps
  • Hanging merchandising strips mount by:
    • S-Hooks
    • Window Suction Cups

Impulse strips are available in hanging, countertop, floor standing, and rotating models. For retail stores with limited space, try using a plastic or metal chip rack hanger to utilize unused wall space. Display impulse buys like candy, chips, snacks, and other lightweight blister pack items. Hanging fixtures with suction cups or S-hooks are lightweight enough to affix to windows, gridwalls, metal shelving, or lacquered wood. Countertop and floor standing models are great for checkout lines and open space in store aisles.

A metal merchandising strip is a great addition to any convenience store, supermarket, specialty food supplier, toy store, or bookstore. While traditional retail fixtures can cost thousands of dollars and take up significant floor space, these affordable clip displays present product in underutilized locations. Merchandising strips with top-mounted signage promote sales items. They bolster impulse sales at checkout by tempting customers with quick-grab snack and household promotional items.

Effective product placement can significantly improve sales. By planning for impulse purchases, customers are prompted to buy items they had not intended. This could be something to satisfy a craving or something that they realized they need at home. How you market an item is a driving force behind how well it will sell. Improve your point of sale setup with rotating or hanging wand merchandisers with attached promotional signage.

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