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Traditional & Digital Menu Stand Holders w/ Adjustable Height & Rotating Features

The menu stand can hold an advertisement, photo, or menu card.What makes the menu stand critical to the success of a restaurant, bar, or concession stand? The answer is that a floor standing sign captures potential customers that pass by, enticing them with a list of an institution's specials! The right menu stand can draw an immense amount of patronage into a restaurant. However, an institution that chooses not to advertise with a freestanding sign frame runs the risk of allowing competitors to draw guests away! Not only do restaurants place the menu stand outside to entice customers to enter. These food displays are often placed just inside an entranceway to welcome patrons after entering a bar or restaurant as well. The menu stand, also called a sign frame, is usually the first contact a restaurant or bar has with a customer. This fact makes it essential that the signage display have a sleek, stylish design. Ideally, the menu stand will work with, and enhance the décor of the restaurant as well.

Bars advertise nightly specials with the menu stand.This selection of sign holders meets the style and durability requirements of the food service and hospitality industries. Each menu stand in this category features a design that balances durability, style, and price. This category offers economy and deluxe models to coordinate with settings ranging from five star restaurants to concession booths. This company's team of engineers and merchandisers have generated this compellation of menu stands to ensure a unit is available for practically any purpose. Each floor standing sign holder features a design to meet the specific needs of the bar and restaurant industries. Within the hospitality industry, you'll find a wide range of preferences for menu stands. Luckily, our online catalog features an incredbily wide selection to meet those preferences. The food display, menu stand comes with a variety of features, like tilting, vertical adjustment, and illumination. Likewise, several colors and finishes are also available.

What are some of the features available on the menu stand?
  • Tilting faceplates for easy viewing.
  • Vertical high adjustment for different environments.
  • Illumination for an eye-catching effect.
  • Changeable sign orientation, between horizontal and vertical, to display a variety of signage.

The menu stand comes made from many different materials, such as aluminum, steel, and acrylic. Many sign holders feature an assembly that incorporates several of these materials. But why offer a menu stand in different materials? The reason is to meet the many styles, price points, and durability standards needed by a diverse clientele of bar and restaurant owners. Most metal units feature a steel base. Steel is used as a base material because it is considerably heavier than aluminum, resulting in greater stability. Steel also coordinates seamlessly with other metal components with the same finish. The trunks of the metal sign holders feature either a steel or aluminum construction. Signage plates are constructed from many materials as well, including acrylic, steel, and aluminum. We even offer photo stands featuring an entirely acrylic construction. Please see each product page for details on individual merchandise.The menu stand is often showcases advertisements, in addition to drink and food listings.

What types designs are offered?
  • Sleek, European-style stands are available with a curved pole.
  • Concave, magnetic frames are offered for a contemporary look.
  • Photo stands with a convex sign plate provide another contemporary option.
  • Dual pole food displays feature a traditional appearance with classic style.

There are many framing options offered with these menu stands as well. Steel, acrylic, and aluminum frames provide shoppers with several choices. Many units feature adjustable sign plates for displaying menus in landscape or portrait orientation. Almost all illuminated restaurant displays feature an acrylic plate, as it is most effective when displayed with lighting. The illuminated acrylic faceplates are great for a restaurant that wants to stand out from the crowd! The food display with an acrylic signage surface easily blends into any environment, as the clear frame is unobtrusive. Aluminum framing comes in "snap-open" and slide in designs. The aluminum sign holder is preferred by many restaurant and bar owners because it is lightweight, rugged, and affordable. Photo frames with flexible magnetic lens sell with a variety of faceplates, including acrylic and steel. The snap-open and magnetic frames are ideal for a concession booth, bar, or restaurant that needs to frequently update signage.

Many of these units feature height and tilt adjustments as well. Concession sign stands with a tilt adjustment allow advertisers to ensure menus are at the optimum viewing angle for customers. The height adjustment is ideal for a bar or restaurant advertising in a very crowded restaurant district. This functionality allows the frame of a height-adjustable unit to elevate above eye level for increased visibility when necessary. Most height adjustable units feature a sign plate that tilts for optimum viewing angle when elevated as well. Adjustable food displays are the perfect way to position menus in just the right location, and at just the right angle to ensure customers see an business's specials.

Even our deluxe line of stands sells at prices that make them an incredible value for a bar, concession booth, or restaurant owner. Most purchasers buy multiple units for use throughout a restaurant. The low price points make these stands ideal for large chain restaurants as well. A ordering manager can buy units in bulk and have them shipped to each location directly. There are additional wholesale discounts offered on each item for bulk purchases. Talk about a good deal!

These stands are only some of the wide selection of food display merchandise for sale in this online catalog. Concession supplies and hospitality equipment, such as beverage dispensers, condiment caddies, card holder displays, and event coolers are available as well. Additionally bar equipment, including bar caddies, drink accessory holders, and food display cases all sell at prices that make them a great bargain for any business! The options are numerous because we make it our mission to offer the most options possible for shoppers! For example, a concession booth owner can purchase a card holder for placing on a counter, and a freestanding signage display at the same time to create a uniform style. Almost everything needed to outfit a restaurant is offered on this website!

Most food displays, such as a place card holder or table skirt, are eligible to ship same day when in-stock and ordered prior to 3PM. This company has manufactured objects from wood, aluminum, steel acrylic, and plastic for over three decades. Today, the product offering on this website includes thousands of unique and innovative merchandise. A huge product selection, superior customer service, and fast shipping sets this online catalog apart from the competition! Customers shop here because this company knows what product designs work for advertising in a many different industries! Users of each standing sign frame benefit from the expertise of this company's team of engineers and merchandisers. Each food display in this category can advertise for a retail store or service business as well. The sleek design of each standing sign frame makes it appropriate for use in many industries. As a result this food display product line has fast inventory turn. This allows us to manufacture these units in bulk quantities, which results in lower prices for the customer!

Each and every product, from the table card holder to the poster frame, is designed to draw customer's attention to the user's advertisements. Each product category offers a wide selection of merchandise to choose from to ensure a unit is available to fit the needs of each and every customer. Visit the sign board category to view all the signage for restaurants offered on this website. The main shopping page is the best place for customers to start their shopping experience on Displays2go. That page offers dozens of main display categories that branch into subcategories, which enable customers to browse objects with ease. Both indoor and outdoor advertising equipment is available, as well as a wide array of accessories. This online catalog offers for many industries in addition to food service. Shoppers often buy objects in bulk due to the additional discounts offered on high volume purchases. This online catalog offers a diverse selection of products, making this the only website shoppers need to visit for filling all marketing display & solution needs!

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