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LCD Monitor Racks - Stationary and Wheeled Flat Panel Displays

Display Racks for 23" to 31" Wide LCD Flat Screen Monitors

TV stand custom printed backdrop

Our LCD monitor racks are ideal for featuring medium-sized flat panels. Going to a trade show and looking to use your TV to attract passersby to your booth? Bring one of our floor standing LCD monitor racks to feature advertisements or a video showcase of your company's services. Need flat screen stands for presentations in the office or in a classroom? Our LCD monitor racks have a simple design that makes them excellent for use with employees and teachers that may not have experience with similar fixtures. Browse our vast selection of television brackets for the right model to suit your needs.

What makes these flat screen stands great for any setting?
  • LCD monitor racks are excellent for putting TVs in a more prominent position, whether they're for advertising, making a presentation, or just entertainment. Our fixtures are tall for easy visibility, but many of our fixtures feature a height adjustable design to accommodate different situations. The tallest models from our catalog can go as high as 86" to be seen from large distances. Flat panel holders with an adjustable bracket can tilt for a better view. Line the screen with the eye levels of onlookers for a better looking presentation or aim the screen at a crowd where passersby will easily see your programming.
  • Monitor racks that can move from room to room are ideal for large office and school buildings. A majority of our flat panel holders include wheels that make transporting and adjusting displays a breeze. This is a great way to share expensive equipment between managers or teachers. Each unit’s wheels can lock for extra stability and unlock just as easily when they're ready to move.
  • TV stand with locking cabinet, wheels and camera shelf
  • All of these TV stands are made from strong metal to hold heavy televisions in high traffic environments. Our sturdy monitor racks come with a wide base that prevents the unit from falling over if jostled or pushed. Their durable aluminum construction is given a neutral finish of black or silver to match any interior.
  • Each screen bracket features VESA mounting holes that make mounting a breeze. It's easy to find out which product fits your model, as they will have matching numbers that resemble "200x200".
  • Our trade show TV stands are made to be portable while featuring a high quality custom graphic behind the screen. These special displays include personalized full color image printing — perfect for getting the word out at busy events. Some are double sided to promote your brand to both sides of foot traffic. Their design is entirely portable with an interlocking tube assembly, optional counter space and included carrying bag.

What other features are available with these flat screen racks? Many models include shelves, some height adjustable, for holding media devices like laptops and Blu-Ray players. There's no better way to bring your TV, stand, and video source to a new room all at once! Models with a locking cabinet add extra space for storage as well as a layer of security for supplies. There's no need to worry about keeping high value electronics around at trade shows or in schools when they're under lock and key. Get wholesale pricing on all of these fixtures when you order on!

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