Office Corridor Signs for Hanging or Wall-Mounted Designations

Office Corridor Signs for Directories and room numbers in Corporate Buildings

Does your business or organization need a professional signage solution for presenting room numbers or ward and department directories? Our selection of perpendicular office corridor signs protrude from the wall or ceiling to accommodate nameplates, suite numbers, and directional graphics. These card holders are versatile and allow users to update custom imagery with ease by simply sliding new content in. These office corridor signs, also known as wayfinding displays, also come with ceiling hanging hardware to prominently present signage in any interior space, including hallways or lobbies. Our curved frames for ceiling suspended or wall mounted signage are available in many sizes and shapes, catered to your specific display needs. These office corridor signs allow our customers to insert any flat or flexible graphics with a non-glare protective lens on both sides. Curved suspended signage comes with all necessary hardware including cable wire and mounting screws.

Where can these hallway signage panels be used most effectively?
  • These office corridor signs are especially useful in corporate buildings and business parks to direct visitors to the correct conference room, cubicle, or executive manager’s desk. These protruding hallway signage options are also ideal for nameplates or directional messaging.
  • Company wall corridor sign
  • Hanging corridor signs save space by placing wayfinding material overhead. Denote the names of departments easily above entryway doors or opt to include arrows on custom signage to direct guests throughout the building. Hanging directional corridor signs can assist in retail environments as well, informing customers of what can be found within the aisle.
  • These signage kits can be used in restaurants, airports, hotels, hospitals, college buildings, any business lobby area and much more! Each model includes a dual sided extrusion for custom graphic cards as well as black anodized end caps which maintain a stylish appearance. These corridor signs also come with a suction cup to easily remove the protective non-glare lens.

If a business is updating the interior décor or moving rooms around, these displays are changed easily with a new insert at any time! Curved ceiling or wall corridor signs are used in many businesses to clearly mark areas and rooms within a building. Mount these displays on virtually any interior ceiling in any business environment with the included hardware. This custom office sign is used in airports to mark gates or baggage claim, in universities to direct students with classroom numbers, in office buildings to mark departments or the lobby area, in hospitals to direct people to different wings, and more! Purchasers can insert graphics that say "Lobby", "Reception", "Financial Accounting", "Marketing", or any other custom department into these hallway signs. Browse a large selection wall mounted wayfinding signage to help your guests navigate through any building. Check out Displays2go for all of your business advertisement needs be it ceiling, wall, or floor standing fixtures.

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