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Commercial Hand Sanitizer Stations for Better Workplace and Classroom Hygiene

Poster Stands With Trays for Sanitizing Wipes

Waste Baskets for Used Sanitizing Wipes & Masks

Commercial Countertop Hand Sanitizer Stations and Floor Stand Dispensers

Are you looking for a way to maintain a healthier workplace or school environment while putting a stop to absenteeism due to illness? Take advantage of our hand sanitizer stations to reduce the spread of germs with floor standing dispensers or covered countertop boxes. Take preventative actions into your own hands to stop the spread of the flu virus, common cold, and harmful bacteria with these sanitization displays. These commercial hand sanitizer stations promote a clean workspace by giving employees and guests a centralized place to frequently disinfect and wash. These floor standing and countertop hygiene stations are ideal for public areas such as office buildings, schools, and retail stores. Accessible alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispenser displays may reduce the call out rate of employees and absenteeism of students.

Hand Sanitizer Floor Stand with Touch-Free Dispensing

What are the benefits of floor standing and countertop sanitization displays?

  • Commercial hand sanitizer stations can reduce the number of germs transmitted through personal contact. Despite increased awareness, many illnesses are contracted at the workplace. Use hand sanitizer stands to help hinder the spread of preventable illnesses.
  • The typical office workstation harbors 10 million bacteria, that's 400 times greater than the standard toilet seat. However, it doesn't stop there; harmful pathogens may be found on elevator buttons, phones, keyboards, and vending machines. Our hand sanitizer stands provide a centralized place to disinfect after frequenting high-traffic areas and may reduce the risk of illness.
  • Utilizing a sanitation station may save your company money, both from insurance breaks through health programs and the potential limitation of absenteeism. Hand sanitizer stands are a preventative measure that may help reduce call-outs. Unplanned illness disrupts productivity and increases cost in any workplace.

While no measure is 100% effective in preventing sickness, studies have shown that low-cost solutions such as disinfecting hands with alcohol-based hand-rub products can make a big difference in the long run. Hand sanitizer stands promote healthcare improvement and workplace wellness programs for customers and employees alike by killing the majority of germs. This alone provides ample protection in the ongoing war against spreading harmful bacteria. Ensure that your place of business is prepared with alcohol-based foam disinfectant refills for year-round protection from germs. Your customers will thank you for providing peace of mind and maintaining a cleaner environment in high-traffic areas.

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