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iPad Tablet Holders for ADA Compliance with Accessible Touchscreen Enclosures

ADA compliant iPad floor stand

iPad Tablet Holders Compliant to ADA Guidelines

Want to accommodate everyone with your interactive touchscreen displays? Our iPad tablet holders for ADA compliance are excellent for displaying digital catalogs, electronic menus, and product showcases. These enclosures have a floor standing design that's easy for both standing and wheelchair users to access. The iPad tablet holders for ADA compliance are built to keep the screen below 48", within the reach of people with mobility disabilities. This is an ideal way to make sure that all customers can make full use of your services, increasing business and spreading information. Choose iPad tablet holders for ADA compliance to create modern marketing tools that everyone can use.

Why use these accessible touchscreen kiosks?
  • These iPad tablet holders for ADA compliance help companies build facilities that are accessible for 54 million Americans with disabilities. This ensures that a larger fraction of the population will be able to use your touch displays, increasing business and driving sales. Create a disability friendly environment that gives all patrons equal access to interactive fixtures.
  • Tablet holders for ADA compliance are great for creating touchscreen enclosures in a variety of industries. Restaurants often use interactive kiosks to feature menus for patrons while they wait for a table. In retail stores, these floor stands are excellent for featuring digital catalogs that showcase new merchandise. They also act as self-checkout counters when equipped with a credit card reader. Banks, travel agencies, and other service organizations also present their portfolio this way.
  • Our tablet holders for ADA compliance meet with the new standards in the American Disabilities Act that took effect in 2012. For touchscreens, this means that the onscreen interface must have a maximum reach of 10" with a height of 48" or less. All of these electronic displays meet these requirements. The touch floor stands are the perfect choice for a business's safety department or compliance officer.
ADA forward reach requirements for iPads ADA side reach requirements for tablets
What other features do these accessible touchscreen kiosks have?
  • This line of ADA tablet holders includes locking enclosures to keep valuable electronics safe from theft. These secure touch stands are ideal for places like stores, restaurants, and schools where large groups of people pass through.
  • Each ADA tablet holder has an adjustable enclosure that can switch between portrait and landscape display. Choose the best way to feature your company's app, whether it's a vertically scrolling catalog or a horizontal checkout interface.
  • All of these touch floor stands have an area for cable management. It's important to keep cords out of the way to prevent people from tripping and falling. Create safe and responsible interactive displays by choosing models with cable management.

How else can you create an accessible computer mount? Place countertop touch displays close to the edge where they're accessible to wheelchair users. Keep the interactive screen below 48" from the floor with less than 20" of horizontal distance. If there's no tabletop space, place tablet wall mounts within the same range for easy access whether the user is standing or sitting. Most marketing fixtures can comply with the American Disabilities Act if they're placed in the right area.

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