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Tabletop Digital Signage for Compact Dynamic Advertising on Counters & Desks

Digital Dignage on Storefront Tabletop

Digital Signage for Reception Desks, Retail Counters, and Other Tabletops

Looking to connect with customers with high visibility advertising? Our tabletop digital signage solutions put dynamic content at eye level, enabling owners of stores, restaurants, and service organizations to feature dynamic multimedia promotions with user-friendly content management and operating systems. These small format tabletop digital signage options create high-power point-of-sale advertisements, interactive check-ins and menus for the evolving business, situated where customers can’t miss them.

What are some examples of the digital countertop displays that we offer?
  • Our tabletop digital signage selection includes innovative merchandise shelving with LED screens. These retail fixtures feature a multimedia display for communicating directly with customers. Present informative videos with audio or simple slideshows to drive engagement from passersby. This multi-tiered shelving is powerful for featuring a variety of merchandise including makeup, food items, and other impulse purchases at the point of sale. Inform and attract potential customers with these dynamic merchandising solutions.
  • Countertop literature holders with digital signage are excellent for promoting and executing your print marketing campaign. These desktop displays provide dispensers for brochures and catalogs alongside supplemental electronic media. Give passersby as much information about your company's services as you can in one space by playing an audio-video message and supplying take-aways. Some models include custom printed graphics around the screen for a full promotional presentation.
  • Ballot boxes with digital signage are another great solution for non-profits, fundraisers, and charitable causes. A video screen placed on the front of the donation bin illustrates your organization's goals and encourages larger contributions. Explain why they should be interested in donating using a dynamic message that can be updated from campaign to campaign. The electronic ballot boxes can also be used for comments, suggestions, and votes, featuring messaging about how user input will be used to guide company policy. Choose our custom printed donation bins with LED screens for a completely customized look.
  • Electronic signage frames are flat panel displays with one job: featuring engaging promotional content. These compact desktop multimedia screens promote anything from new merchandise and specialty menu items to company portfolios and charitable campaigns. Some of these LED photo frames can be mounted to walls while others include a full color custom printed graphic that surrounds the flat panel. There's so many great ways to promote yourself with personalized advertising!

Optimize your countertop and strengthen your branding using touchscreen applications, multimedia slideshows and informational presentations alongside your merchandise or to support your service offerings. While compact, these modern and convenient solutions create an immersive experience for your guests and reinforce the consumer confidence that only digital can provide. Our tabletop digital signage fixtures attract attention to your latest business initiatives, helping to provide critical information at the time of a sale to upsell order value, clear out merchandise and encourage larger basket-size with add-ons. Incorporate portable models into your trade show or sales booth for an automated digital sales rep that will attract passersby or inform standby prospects.

Small, integrated fixtures with built-in media players are a proven method of raising attention and awareness to non-digital print materials and point-of-sale displays. Play informative videos with audio or simple slideshows that impart supplemental sales messages directly alongside product or marketing literature. With their low square-footage, these integrated fixtures can be propped and positioned on counter space in the most critical areas of visitor flow. For a fully digitalized tabletop display, shop any combination of our exclusive interactive kiosks, frames and custom graphic screens and let digital do more for you today!

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