Menu Holder Flip Stands Display Multiple Specials and Drink Lists

Bar and Restaurant Tabletop Stands with Flip-Style Menu Holders

Need a better way to show customers your drink list or weekly specials? Look no further than these menu holder flip stands which sit conveniently on tabletops and bars - right where your patrons will see them. You’ve put your heart and soul into some irresistible limited-time dishes and painstakingly curated your craft beer and wine list, but no one’s noticed. Instead of posting them on a wall sign that only nearby diners can see or tossing them onto a laminated printout that no one will bother to even glance at, why not showcase your specials within arm's reach? These menu holder flip stands for restaurants and bars sit right where the action happens, easily accessible and practically begging to be browsed while patrons wait to be served.

The slotted ring clip at the top of the fixture allows for smooth motion as customers leaf through your offerings. Vinyl sleeves protect 4” x 6” or 5” x 7” cards from all the hazards of a dining table: grease, spills, liquids, errant condiments - you name it. Up to ten fit on each stainless steel or plastic menu holder flip stand. Each clear envelope allows for double-sided viewing as well, so feel free to print on the back of your cards to maximize your advertising space. From seasonal selections to a rotating list of drinks, it’s crucial to keep your customers informed (and most importantly, increasing impulse buys). If you’re on a budget and have a lot of tables to cover, plastic economy models are priced for bulk orders. For trendier spots like cafés and wine bars, curved stainless steel fixtures support an upscale look.

Where else can I use these menu holder flip stands?

  • Charities, fundraisers, and trade shows - Make an easily-accessible chart with your goals and causes so that guests can learn more about your organization and what you stand for. When you invite people to stop by your booth, these ring displays provide a more interesting way to learn about your products and services than a pamphlet or brochure.
  • Trivia! Hold the interest of your customers with fun, offbeat facts and tidbits or conversation starters. Use these menu holder flip stands to keep guests around longer with some out-of-the-box ideas.
  • Instructions and warnings - Keep a set near silkscreening and letterpress equipment in print shops or in classrooms with interactive machinery like 3D printers. That way you can ensure that your expensive and delicate tech is always used correctly.
  • Customer service desks - With a lot of standard responses and troubleshooting guides to keep track of, it can help to have a quick-reference tool handy. Keep your reps up-to-date and on-message with printed cards.
  • Manufacturing - Some of our customers use these fixtures to reference the current stage of their manufacturing process. When collaborating with different teams on the shop floor, having a card showing where you are in your procedure available at a glance can be key for improving efficiency.

The best part about using these menu holder flip stands for drink specials? Servers won’t take them away. While enjoying one of your signature cocktails, diners will casually check out the rest of your drink list, deciding on the next round. Think bigger than just your culinary offerings, too. There’s no better way to get folks to come back for your upcoming event or live music act on the weekend than an on-table advertisement. Upscale dining with counter service and self-seating is on the rise in the restaurant world. If you’re part of this forward-thinking trend, tabletop sign coils for order number cards are a cost-effective method for guiding food runners.

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