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11 x 17 Floor Standing Poster Frames - Portrait and Landscape Sign Stands

Floor Standing Poster Frames for 11 x 17 Graphics

11 x 17 poster floor stands are excellent for featuring advertisements and other promotional graphics. These sign frames are often used by stores and restaurants, both inside and outside the establishment. These 11 x 17 poster floor stands are great for marketing because they can fit two 8.5" x 11" prints instead of the default media size. Our selection of image holders includes a number of designs to accommodate any setting. While all of these 11 x 17 poster floor stands are made of metal, they're offered in different finishes to match any business's décor. Put your signage front and center where everyone can see it!

Where are 11 x 17 poster floor stands? The size of this media display is ideal for putting information at eye level. Restaurants often use this space to feature their menus outside the entrance, informing customers while they wait to be seated. This can also display simple messages like "Seat yourself" or "Reception". Poster floor stands are capable of exhibiting a large handicap symbol to guide customers to the entrance ramp. Retail stores often advertise new merchandise and limited time offers to passersby. This is also a great way to tell customers where the service line starts. Our catalog of sign frames include various features to assist any business in promoting their services.

We offer poster floor stands in many styles to fill a number of roles. Want to feature products right next to your signage? Try our sign frames with a table to put your wares right next to your advertisements. Our various adjustable displays are perfect for pointing in any direction. Increase your promotional capabilities with literature? Browse our poster floor stands with pockets for catalogs and magazines. Many of our fixtures can tilt, rotate, and adjust in height to accommodate any promotional environment. This also allows both horizontal and vertical graphics to be shown. Simply rotate the enclosure to switch between orientations. For an attractive and eye catching look, check out our curved floor stands. Add a modern flair to your business with these image holders featuring a distinct design!

Our catalog of business fixtures includes quick shipping and wholesale pricing. Conveniently and affordably supply your enterprise with these effective marketing frames!

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