Locking Showcase Displays Safeguard Valuable Merchandise, Trophies, and Antiques

Professional Locking Showcases for Retail Stores

Promotional fixtures, such as these locking showcase displays, add high-end presentations to any sales floor. By utilizing these dynamic locking showcase displays, store employees can spend more time servicing clientele while knowing merchandise remains secure. Each fixture comes equipped with a lock and key system that allows attendants to access and demo products to customers. By stimulating these types of conversations, employees have more opportunities to discuss the item with your patrons, build a relationship, and even upsell.

A locking showcase display allows retailers the option to promote high-value merchandise anywhere on the sales floor without the need for employee oversight. This level of security helps businesses by giving the staff more freedom while maximizing merchandise exposure. By diversifying merchandise presentations, retailers can maintain customer attention as they shop the sales floor. Use these fixtures to highlight cohesive brand promotions, similar or valuable items, trophies, or even artwork.

What different styles of locking showcase displays do we offer?

  • Standing multi-shelf glass cabinets – Multi-level, wide cases with highly-visible design.
  • Tower stands – Freestanding displays highlight individual items on each shelf.
  • Wall-mounted display cases – Space saving fixtures draw attention to underutilized areas with style.
  • Wooden curio cabinets – Classic wood finishes compliment collectibles, momentos, and unique items.

Our showcase displays are durably built to meet the needs of any retail environment. Cases are designed from a number of materials including aluminum, medium density fiberboard (MDF), and hardwood. Browse several color options to match your store's current decor. Features include tempered glass, which is shatter-resistant and in the case of an accident will break into small rounded pieces for safety. Use showcase displays spread stock evenly throughout your retail location and rest assured knowing it is protected under lock and key.

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