Convertible iPad Stands Featuring Adjustable Desktop to Floor Standing Design

Tablet Holding Displays That Convert from Tabletop to Floor Standing Placement

Looking for an iPad holder that allows for height adjustments? Convertible iPad stands feature a sleek pole that allows you to reduce or increase the height of your tablet. Housing your tablet in a station that is height adjustable creates more opportunities for you to switch your device from an informational display to a checkout kiosk when needed. If your space is compact, having a convertible iPad stand will provide you with the flexibility to display your device on top of counters or shelving while still allowing you to convert it back to a floor standing unit throughout the day. Instead of purchasing two types of holders, use one cost-effective convertible iPad stand that can do both jobs at once. Pair static signage solutions like height-adjustable poster holders with your adjustable tablet stations to create informational displays in your retail store, restaurant, or museum.

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