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Product Cases Featuring LED Lights Illuminate Merchandise for Customers

Illuminate Valuable Merchandise with LED Display Cases

Are you looking for more ways to draw attention to merchandise in your retail store, or highlight key products during your next trade show? Static or portable display cases with LED lights are a great way to showcase both expansive and focused product lines on any sales floor. For retail stores, there is a diversity of options ranging from tower, frameless, pedestal, and countertops. These fixtures add an upscale feel to any sales environment by illuminating top-quality stock such as jewelry, electronics, or accessories.

Display cases with LED lights are built to demand attention in any environment while placing the focus on the items inside. We offer a number color options including black, silver, white, and even a cherry finish to ensure that we have a fixture to match the decor of any location. Our display cases with LED lights are durably made to withstand high-traffic areas, and portable fixtures can be assembled and taken down within minutes while maintaining showroom quality presentations though multiple events. Shatter-resistant tempered glass safeguards your business' customers by breaking into small rounded pieces if an accident does occur. These cases with LED lights have both inline and adjustable bulb options.

What kinds of showcases do we offer?

  • Use portable fixtures to create more versatile layout options on any retail sales floor or supplement trade show displays by allowing patrons to view products directly. Merchandisers that are easily disassembled and moved to meet the travel needs of retailers are a game changer when compared to the tools available for competitors. Having a case with LED lighting at your trade show, market stand, or fair will immediately draw attention to the items inside while protecting valuable products from theft in distraction-rich areas.
  • Pedestal displays are great for showcasing a single piece or a line of small accessories, jewelry, or even awards. The ambient interior lighting adds a soft warm color to anything displayed. Use these fixtures to bring attention to one-of-a-kind items in the middle of your sales floor. These types of cases with LED lights are especially useful for museums and specialty stores.
  • While traditional counters with attendant-facing doors are a staple in most retail environments, our display cabinets with a hydraulic lift opening mechanism is sure to impress customers. The lift system allows clerks to access the display cabinet while standing, and is easily opened with keyed entry. Many of our cases are compatible when displayed together, so mix a hydraulic case into your cash wrap to add some added flair.
  • Most commonly, retailers will use a wall cabinet with sliding doors and LED lights to maximize merchandising options in their store. These multi-shelf fixtures keep valuable products clearly visible on the wall and are protected by a lock and key. Attendants can easily access the sliding doors and discuss the product with your customers, increasing conversion rates.

By presenting items with a high degree of visibility, customers are able to shop more easily and make informed decisions. Cases with LED lights protect merchandise with a lock and key system, which gives clerks an opportunity to sell when a patron shows interest. Use the many styles of fixtures we offer to showcase a diverse product line throughout your retail store.

Many of our fixtures with LED lights can be positioned alongside one another, giving retailers the freedom to create unique solutions for any floor plan. Cases that feature lighting instantly adds an upscale feel to any product display. Point-of-sale fixtures help employees by promoting merchandise where they can easily interact with customers. Use displays with lights to draw the attention of your patrons, and advise attendants to highlight key product features.

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