Large Whiteboards Starting at 5 Feet Wide or Tall

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Oversize Write-On Boards for Meetings, Brainstorming, and Teaching

Do you find that your ideas often outgrow your current dry-erase board? Our large whiteboards give you plenty of room to explore tangents, take notes, and give in-depth presentations. With their shortest side being at least five feet, and some ranging up to twelve, these markerboards allow your ideas to run wild without having to worry about running out of space and having to stop to erase. See your plans take shape as you brainstorm and collect the thoughts of your colleagues across the broad writing space of these large whiteboards. Of course, these dry-erase boards aren't just big, they also come with a range of quality of life features like magnetic surfaces, marker trays, easy-flip double-sided surfaces, and ghost grid lines. Shop wall-mounting styles (including modern glass boards) and rolling large whiteboards.

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