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Maitre d' Stand for Food Service

Maitre D' Stands for Every Restaurant

The maitre d' needs a proper workstation in which to conduct their duties, because after all, they are the point person for the entire restaurant. They are on the phone taking incoming reservations, booking them in the computer or writing them down, and greeting incoming guests all at the same time. Their responsibilities can also include supervising waitstaff, buspersons and performing a general customer service role. They are commonplace in formal, fine dining restaurants serving French, and even casual restaurants serving American comfort food.

Make a high quality first impression on your dining guests with a maitre d' stand that lives up to the restaurant's atmosphere. The stand that the maitre d' uses is generally the first piece of furniture that the guests see upon walking through the door, and must be a dynamic piece of equipment that the host or hostess can use to manage the volume of the restaurant. Choose a station with a lockable cabinet that can hold extra menus, floor plans, sanitizer, writing utensils and reservation books. Many of these maitre d' stands include hidden wheels for easy portability to save you heavy lifting when relocating or cleaning. Order one with a wire management system to ensure your computer terminal's cables are streamlined and out of the way. Ensure that the maitre d' podium has adequate surface space for those busy weekend nights where two or more hostesses may need access to the reservation list and floor plan at the same time. Whether you choose a black, mahogany, or perhaps a maitre d' stand with a different finish, it is certain to complement your restaurant's entrance area.

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