Multi Pocket Desktop Business Card Holders with Tiered Designs

Multi Pocket Desktop Holders Feature Large Quantities of Business Cards

Need to display contact information for multiple employees at the reception desk? These multi pocket desktop business card holders are great for representing numerous agents or businesses in one place. The countertop displays are multi-tiered to feature large quantities of namecards without taking up too much space. Our multi pocket desktop business card holders are ideal for placement on trade show booths where they dispense exhibitors' info. Medical professionals in doctor's offices, dealers at car dealerships, and realtors at real estate agencies all use these to give out credentials. Choose multi pocket desktop business card holders to serve both customers and employees.

Why use these tabletop calling card displays?
  • These multi pocket desktop business card holders put multiple subjects' name cards in one, easy-to-see rack. Whether they're representing different businesses or agents in the same organization, it's great to put everyone's credentials in the same place. This way, interested patrons aren't searching for right employee's number, it's all on the reception desk.
  • Our tiered desktop business card holders save space when it comes to dispensing contact info. This style uses slots on different levels for a compact design that saves desk space. This is a much more elegant solution than featuring numerous name card displays on the same surface.
  • Tiered desktop business card holders have a portable design that's excellent for events like trade shows and expositions. These one-piece displays are durable, easy to pack, and low maintenance. This makes them perfect for representing agents while on the road.

Need a stand for credentials with a specific design? We offer both modern acrylic and classic wood business card holders. Our plastic name card displays feature clear finishes for high visibility or sleek black for a neutral appearance. The traditional wooden models are available in natural oak and mahogany with real wood fabrications. In addition, our business card holders feature either horizontal or vertical pockets to accommodate all 3.5" x 2" name card designs.

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