Payment Drop Box

Use a Payment Drop Box for Secure Bill Collection!

This payment drop box line contains all locking, metal containers designed for secure money collection. Whether you have a small farm stand that operates under the honesty policy or a landlord collecting checks on a monthly basis - whether you are collecting coins, cash or checks - having one of these boxes is a necessity when it comes to collecting money. Small retailers, non-profits, animal shelters, auto repair shops, and even libraries would all benefit from the use of these boxes. A payment drop box provides a place for customers to leave compensation during non-business hours, a convenient feature for both business owners and customers. Why hang around after closing waiting for a customer to drop off a check? Similarly, why leave work early or change your busy schedule just to drop off rent for your landlord or pay your contractor in person? If collecting donations for your pet rescue league, its best to spread your reach as wide as possible by using the locking drop boxes in multiple locations! This way, you don’t have to waste precious time manning a table and a cash box. These payment drop boxes clearly have many helpful applications for both business men/women and their patrons - but what exactly makes these bins so ideal for collecting money?

Each of the payment drop boxes on this page feature locking mechanisms for security. Most feature traditional locks that come with a set of 2 keys. The locking feature is incredibly important for securing cash or check payments from sticky fingers and theft. All of these drop boxes are made of metal, such as steel or aluminum. This durable material ensures that the bins cannot be easily broken or damaged, providing both long lasting use and an extra level of security! This construction may also allow the boxes to be used outdoors. Next, many of the containers come with small pockets attached for holding envelopes or forms. Envelopes can be convenient for holding checks and cash from donors or customers. Lastly, some of these boxes feature attached sign holders! Owners can use these to advertise their non-profit cause, inform customers of the proper payment methods, or simply call attention to the existence of the money collection box! With so many helpful features and styles available, you’re sure to find the right secure bin to fit your needs. Shop the large selection above today!

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