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Pegboard Shelving

Build Store Aisles with Pegboard Shelving

Retail stores pushing large volumes of commercial goods need systems to organize, store and display merchandise in large scales and with flexibility. Many outlets choose to employ pegboard shelving as an in-store solution to their organizational needs. Pegboard (sometimes written as peg board) shelf systems use a wall of holed panels that fit accessories such as shelves, hooks or baskets to hold or hang products for customer accessibility. The perforated, grid-style face of these panels allows the stocker to reposition the accessories to fit different sizes and shapes of products instead of moving the entire unit. Storeowners generally create aisles, or position them against walls to create merchandising systems, and as inventory changes, the pegboard shelves can be moved to accommodate new product lines or seasonal offers. The units can be standalone, or they can be wall mounted. Aside from retail use, many garages, workshops and warehouses utilize pegboard shelving to create tool hanging rigs that organize their drills, saws, hammers and other equipment.

A variety of sizes of walls and shelves can be used to create an ideal pegboard display solution for the storefront. Whether you're the convenience store using shelves to store packaged food close to the ground, or a shoe store displaying columns of high heels, you'll find the desired height on this page. A natural beige tone is a close alternative to white pegboard, and is a popular choice among retail establishments. The powder coated steel construction can hold heavy goods with minimal wear and tear, even in heavily trafficked storefronts like bodegas or general stores. Choose from a selection of pegboard shelves that are offered in several sizes, and for storefront use, select one that includes price tag holders. Add-on panels allow you to inexpensively build a large pegboard shelving system that can span an entire aisle and support large products. Hardware stores and other brick and mortar retail outlets commonly construct this layout to hold a variety of shelves and hooks. A set of Kaleref Series shelves along with a Kaleraf freestanding unit makes a professional and functional retail display that will last through the years. Make sure to purchase in bulk for the most affordable prices!

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