Plain Burgundy Table Covers- Tablecloths, Skirts, & Toppers

Burgundy Tablecloths - Ideal for Catered Events and Banquets

Our large inventory of burgundy plain table covers come in various styles and sizes. These include fitted tablecloths as well as more elegant pleated skirts . We also have toppers and skirt sets for quick shipping. These sets are often used in dining and in hospitality because of their appealing presentation. Our burgundy plain table cloths are available in many lengths to accommodate most table sizes. 4’, 6’, and 8’ lengths are available as well as smaller 2.6’ cloths for round folding cocktail counters. These counter linens are ideal for weddings, happy hours, and wine tastings. The fitted stretch structure makes for a crisp and appealing finish. These products are also great for outdoor locations because you don’t have to worry about them flying away in the wind. Our burgundy plain table covers are great in a variety of settings. We have cloths to fit both round and rectangular tabletops, so we’re confident there’s one here to fit your needs - whatever they may be! This neutral burgundy shade is ideal for both casual and more upscale settings, and it is able to be dressed up or dressed down for any event. Catered events like banquets, weddings, and parties often use our covers. Restaurants also use these tablecloths and skirts to enhance their presentation for guests. It’s very clear that bare tabletops often look unappealing - so why not add a stylish overlay? In settings like trade shows or expos, it’s important to have an eye-catching and tasteful presentation. Attendees are more likely to stop at a display if something grabs their attention. Our fitted tablecloths are ideal for places like buffets because they fit tabletops like a glove. Because of its tight fit, you won’t have to worry about customers stepping or tripping over the cloth while they help themselves to food.

We offer high quality tabletop cloths to enhance any location. At Displays2go we are confident we’ll have a tablecloth to best suit your needs at a low price. Why rent overpriced linen, when you can purchase durable and classic linens for less? We pride ourselves on quick shipping, so shop our large assortment of table cloths, skirts, and toppers today!

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