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Plastic Sign Sleeves with Easy Slide-In Setup

Plastic Sign Sleeves for Wall-Mounted Posters & Advertisements

Does your business need a sleek, flexible clear frame to present posters and signage on the wall? Our plastic sign sleeves are not only durable, but are affordably priced compared to other economy frames. Our customers use these poster protectors as a clear alternative to traditional acrylic holders and are valued for their flexibility and ease of use. Plastic sign sleeves, also known as signage jackets or print displays, are designed for showcasing advertisements in any customer-facing business environment. Many of these poster frames come with double sided adhesive tape to mount on the wall, as well as two homes that can be used with either suction cups or ceiling hanging kits. Use plastic sign sleeves to display promotional or informational prints horizontally or vertically on any wall. Protect your personalized graphics, ensuring they will remain sharp for a longer period of time.

How do users attach these flexible acrylic poster holders to any display surface?
  • Many of these plastic sign sleeves include adhesive strips or dots on the backside for residue-free attachment to windows or any other glass surface. Simply remove the covering to reveal the sticky surface and position the frame in landscape or horizontal orientation to suit your specific needs.
  • Suction cups make the installation process very easy and are included with most fold-over sign sleeves. These vacuum mounts allow users to attach graphics to any non-porous surface by simply pressing the unit down into position. This hassle-free non-stick solution makes it easy to reuse and relocate signage on a whim.
  • Some sign sleeves include hanging kits. These models allow our users to display double-sided signage overhead. Installation is quick and easy, simply pick out a solid surface and suspend the framing with a nail or screw. Hanging models allow our users to showcase signage in two directions, maximizing the effectiveness of each display.

These inexpensive graphic sleeves are ideal for bulk purchases to support large-scale franchises including retail and restaurant locations. These clear poster holders are available in sizes ranging from 4” x 6” to 24” x 26” and everything in between. No matter your industry be it retail, restaurants, banks, or event centers, these frames help advertise, direct, and inform. This presentation is easy to use; simply slide the images into the slot to change-up messaging on the fly. Poster sleeves are affordable yet rugged and highly effective at protecting your valuable custom prints. We carry a wide selection of countertop, wall, hanging and floor standing commercial signage frames to ensure that your organization has coverage everywhere that it is needed. Shop Displays2go for all of your business advertisement needs, to share your message, and increase your brand awareness today!

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